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Kowalcyzk, Hart, & Nash

Ticket - Ed Kowalcyzk
Ticket - Ed Kowalcyzk
Kowalcyzk, Hart, & Nash

This was my first show at the Westcott Theater.  I should have seen the Avett Brothers here and Shauna and Chris tried to get me to go, but … It’s a nice sized stage.  About half the floor was folding chairs and the rest was standing room.  Great sound.  I’d definitely recommend the venue.

Leigh Nash, the lead singer from Sixpence None the Richer, started things off with an acappella song she used to sing with her father.  To me, it sounded a lot like something I’d expect to hear by Sinead O’Connor.  I recognized a few of the more popular songs from Sixpence like “Kiss Me”, “Breathe Your Name”, and “There She Goes”.  She was entertaining and had a good voice.

Emerson Hart, the lead singer from Tonic, followed.  He sounded great and interacted well with the crowd.  Shannon thought his performance was the best.  His set included the Tonic hits “You Wanted More” and “If You Could Only See”.  I can’t say I know a lot of his music outside of those two songs, but I really liked his whole set.

The headliner of the evening was Ed Kowalcyzk, lead singer (or former lead singer, I’m not sure) of Live.  To me, his performance was much more dynamic than the opening acts.  He played Live favorites “Shit Towne”, “Selling the Drama”, “Lightning Crashes”,”Where Do We Go From Here”, and “Heaven”.  From the solo album I recognized “Grace” and “Drink”.  My highlight of the evening was “Pain Lies on the Riverside” from Mental Jewelry.

The encore brought everyone out on stage to perform “The Weight” by The Band.  Overall, a really good show.  Sort of a Storytellers of ’90s bands.  Plus, how good did it feel to get out the house and see some live music?  Awesome!



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