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Interior Court - Edgar Allan Poe Museum
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Interior Court - Edgar Allan Poe Museum
Interior Court – Edgar Allan Poe Museum


Shannon and I continued our tradition of visiting family in Richmond every other Thanksgiving.  We left on Wednesday morning and arrived Wednesday evening.  Outside of the all to familiar traffic on 95, it was a pleasant and uneventful trip.

A "Brown-sized" box of candy
A “Brown-sized” box of candy


As always, Erin did a great job with the Thanksgiving Day feast and Shannon did a nice job with pies.  As always, there was enough food and junk food to last several days.

The following day, Brian and the kids arrived to help decorate Marylee’s tree.

Marylee's Christmas Tree
Marylee’s Christmas Tree


Since we wouldn’t be around for Christmas, we wanted to let all of the kids open our Christmas gifts.


The next day, Shannon had a lot of activities she wanted to do with the kids.  They made ice cream, Christmas ornaments, and gingerbread houses.


On Sunday, after saying goodbye to the Pipers, we headed out to the Poe Museum in Richmond. I wasn’t really that impressed with the museum, but there was a nice map of the city and we were able to see the oldest standing house in Richmond.

Poe Museum
Poe Museum
Poe bust
Poe bust


After the museum, we walked down to the Richmond Canal Walk.  I enjoyed this and found several places that I wanted to see in more detail on future trips. A couple of pictures are posted below and additional details and photos can be found on my Trails, Tails, & Tents page.

Norfolk Railway trail entry point
Norfolk Railway trail entry point
Brown's Island - Sculpture
Brown’s Island – Sculpture
Brown's Island - Memorial Bridge
Brown’s Island – Memorial Bridge


It was great to see everyone and many thanks go out to the Coes and Marylee for hosting and entertaining us. Shannon and I had a great time.









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