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Ice Skating Rink in Syracuse
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Ice Skating Rink in Syracuse
Ice Skating Rink in Syracuse


I can’t remember the last time I was on ice skates, but Shannon has been talking about it for the last couple of years.  Luckily, I’ve been able to avoid the topic until she found an accomplice in Lori and last night the Gargyles found themselves at the public rink in downtown Syracuse.  It was my intention to stay off the ice and take pictures, but that didn’t work out so well.  Low light, high speed photographs require a step up from what my equipment is capable of.  Of the thirty or so pictures, I managed to get only two worth saving, one of which I decided not to post here in fear of the wrath of my wife 🙂

Realization number one — watching inexperienced ice skaters is so boring that it makes golf look exciting.  Lori and Shannon took to the ice first.  Lori started out alright, but Shannon never let go of the rail.  In fact, it took her so long to get around the rink, we ran out of jokes.  I decided that I couldn’t do any worse myself and decided to lace up.  To my surprise, I looked up and there was Steve and Nancy renting skates.

Realization number two — ice skating looks a lot easier from the sidelines then it is when you’re on the ice.  I went down a couple of times, but it started to come back to me.  However, I was breathing pretty heavy after a few laps.  Steve and Nancy looked like pros out there — neither of them fell once.  Steve was so graceful in first lap that he decided to end on a high note.  Nancy did a few more laps but was having cleaning flashbacks — she dusted every inch of the rails all the way around the rink.

Realization number three — the green barrels in the center of the rink are not intended to assist you in stopping.  Starting wasn’t as big a problem as stopping was.  Can you say “toe pick”.  I did.  I thought I could use them to stop my fall.  Apparently not.  The barrels and I both went down.  After peeling myself out of the pile, Bob had to go back out and set them up.

Realization number four — the next morning is much more painful than the night before.  Lori and I both went down hard a couple of times.  Now I type this with one hand because my other arm is bruised and both legs are cut up.  A lot of laughs though — it was worth it.

Our next stop was drinks at the Clinton Street Pub.  Much thanks to Nancy’s daughter Katie for taking care of us.  It felt great getting to shoot a few racks again.

Realization number five — Only old people are at the bars at 8:00pm.  You could say that we opened the bar.  Of course, we thought we were hilarious.  I’m not sure that the people behind the bar were as impressed.  The place started to fill in around 10:00pm.  I guess we’ve passed the “needing to be proofed” age.

Realization number six — I have the most beautiful wife.  When she actually relaxes and lets her guard down she’s radiant.  I was the luckiest guy in the bar.

As the bar started to fill in, there were a few “larger” people in the bar.  Steven and I went out to have a smoke and he leans in and says to me, “damn I’m looking pretty good compared to all of these fat people.”  I laughed my ass off.

Realization number seven — Chicken wing pizza goes awesome with Guinness!   I was starving and that spicy chicken wing pizza hit the spot.

We had a great time.  As usual, a lot of laughs.  Especially watching Lori and Steven dancing.  A great group of friends.


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