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Keith & Mary’s House – “The Back 40”


For the first time in many years, I spent Easter weekend at my parent’s house.  As a child, my grandparents, aunts uncle, and their significant others, used to spend the evening on spare beds, couches and sleeping bags for the holidays.  As we’ve gotten older and my grandparents have passed on, this tradition has fallen by the wayside.  However, with a sense of nostalgia and in the anticipation of great weather, we descended upon my parents house for Easter weekend this year.

The pond in the “Back 40”


Many years ago, I used to walk behind my parents house to a land-locked pond just beyond the end of their property line.  Last spring I tried to take the hike and became disoriented in the woods.  This year, with better weather and two hiking buddies, I decided to go for it a second time.  The picture above shows my parents house on the left and my destination, the pond on the right.  Now, I offered fair warning to Shannon and Steven that I had not been back here in a long time, a point they found to be evident in just a few short moments.

Clearing behind the house


Although I had not planned on hiking back there ‘right that moment’, my father was showing me the property lines when Shannon and Steven came back to join us …  initially to look for stones (we’re considering the idea of creating a rock wall around the flower beds in our backyard this year).  However, since I was already in the woods, I decided to go for it.  We did a lot of “bog hopping” through wet lands and zigging and zagging along the creek.  In truth, not much looks the same in an untouched forest 30 years later and I wasn’t sure if the pond even existed anymore — a point Shannon brought to my attention many times during the jaunt.  I believe you could use your imagination on how the conversations regarding “direction” went 🙂

Steve and Gary — Which way should be go?


In the end, we arrived at, what Steve and I believe, was the end of the pond.  However, the road was flooded out and the woods were posted, so we headed back to the house.  Other than one missed jump by Steve, we arrived back dry.  We ate and played cards well into the early hours of Easter morning.

Sunrise Easter morning


Sunrise on Easter came very early.  While Steven and I inspected the backyard for eggs left by the Easter Bunny, the ladies began preparing breakfast.  As always, they did an outstanding job.  Shortly after the hidden eggs were discovered, Judy and Dave arrived.

Easter egg hunt


After breakfast, while the ladies were finishing up the “extra” frittatas, Steven and Keith were entertaining the kids with bubble machines of all sorts on back porch.

Bubbles ….


Early afternoon, Steven, Shannon and I packed up to do some geocaching.  My game plan was to enter the Stone Barn Forest at Stone Barn Road and hike through to the geocache on the other end of the property.  Although the trail started out well defined, it turned into this …

Stone Barn Forest Trail


and then into this ….


Stone Barn Forest – Pond


Unable to find any resemblance of a trail or a way to circle the pond, we headed back to the vehicle to find another entrance point.  Upon closer inspection, it appears that I had picked the wrong section of Stone Barn Forest …. My bad 🙂  Although, I have to admit that I may return here to photograph a huge beaver dam on the other side of the pond.

Godrey Point


While trying to locate another entrance into the forest, we swung by Godfrey’s Point to search for a second geocache. Although we had an idea of where this cache may have/should have been located, in the end we came away empty and resumed our quest for the Stone Barn Cache.  We threw in the towel on finding another entrance way or an established trail, parked the card on the side of the road, waded through more swampy crossings and, after splitting up in different directions, we came across the geocache we were looking for (GCQ7ZE).

GCQ7ZE – Backwoods Find Cache


Although this wasn’t my favorite hiking or caching experience, it proved to be a decent workout on a nice day.  It also built up an appetite.

We returned to more snack food, a huge dinner and birthday cake for Diane.  By 7:00pm in the evening, I was uncomfortably full, packing the car with leftovers and heading back to Liverpool.  Much thanks for all the time, money and hospitality invested by the family to create such a great weekend.  That being said, it may be a few more years before the next sleepover 🙂




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