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Geocaching on the Lake’s West Side

OLP - Pleasant Beach Bridge
OLP – Pleasant Beach Bridge


On Sunday Steven, Diane and I headed out to the lower west trail at Onondaga Lake Park.  They say that if you wait 15 minutes in Syracuse the weather will change.  This was very close to the case on Sunday.  Although the sun moved in and out of the clouds, it was undeniably cold along the trail and by time we finished, the snow began to fall.

Overall, we covered about 3.75 miles round trip, starting at the Pleasant Beach Road entrance.  Its too bad there wasn’t a full parking lot near this bridge, as I don’t think you could park more than three vehicles there without blocking driveways.  We walked past the Beach Road entrance and continued on just past the 690 overpass.  A complete visual of the walk can be found on the Trails, Tails and Tents blog.

Along the way we found five geocaches.  Below is a few pictures from the outing.

GC3C2B5 - Geodog Trail 2
GC3C2B5 – Geodog Trail 2
GC3RQ63 - Geodog Trail 3
GC3RQ63 – Geodog Trail 3
GC2KW51 - Geodog Trail
GC2KW51 – Geodog Trail
GC1XQQD - Sekhmet's Golden Ammo Box
GC1XQQD – Sekhmet’s Golden Ammo Box
GC1DMG1 - Kid Friendly Cache Stash
GC1DMG1 – Kid Friendly Cache Stash
OLP - Rock Wall
OLP – Rock Wall
OLP - Beach Road Bridge
OLP – Beach Road Bridge

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