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Last night Kevin and I ventured out to see Gary Hoey at the Westcott Theater.  The crowd (I counted a mere 50 people) was disappointing, but Gary and the band put on a great show none-the-less.  Hoey opened with a couple of covers, “Goin Down” and “Lunatic Fringe”.  Then, Kevin’s favorite of the evening, as well as off of the new album, title track “Deja Blues”.  Honestly, there is something about any song with the word “deja” in it that makes it into my iPod’s playlist.

“The Deep”, from Endless Summer 2, had some great drum work in it and “Stranger” had a nice bass solo.  However, “Low Rider” had one of my favorites, the bass / lead guitar duel.  The two went back and forth and, standing there in the dark, I was all smiles from ear to ear.  Of course the closer, “Hocus Pocus” was great and I loved “Peace Pipe”.

My favorite tune of the evening was the title track from Hoey’s last album, “Utopia”.  I was really glad to see it in the set as I had yet to see it live.  The encore started out with a tribute to our troops called “Anthem” … really a slight variation on the “Star Spangled Banner”, but still sounding great.  And the closer … Hendrix’s “Foxy Lady”.  All the axes love Hendrix, and rightfully so.  I just goes to show you how much ahead of his time he was.

Last night had an added bonus.  After the show, I went over to the soundboard and asked for the set list, which after meeting Gary Hoey, he autographed for me.  It was a pretty good night.  Added bonus number two … Kevin and I picked up tickets for Indigenous on September 7th!

Last night's autographed set list from Gary Hoey
Last night’s autographed set list from Gary Hoey


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