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Indigenous - Westcott Theater
Indigenous – Westcott Theater

It’s been a while since I’ve seen Indigenous live and the band I saw was prior to the 2006 Chasing the Sun album.  Since that time, Mato Nanji, one of the most underrated guitarists touring today, continued to tour under the Indigenous name with bassist Derek Post and drummer Charles Sanders II.  Let me tell you this, I enjoyed this line up much more than any of the others I’ve seen in the past.  It goes without saying that Mato is just an incredible guitar player, but Charles Sanders absolutely killed it on the drums!  There wasn’t a lot of talking, just a lot of playing.  I’m not sure what the tune was (something about a train) that the band did as the closer for the regular set, but it was a wall of sound that built to an epic finish … probably the best live tune I’ve heard all year.  Of course, they came back out and did a great version of Red House to close out the night

Charles Sanders II
Charles Sanders II

Attendance was once again dismal.  I counted thirty people there for the opening act, local band the Fabulous Ripcords, and about 75 for Indigenous.  I just don’t understand if the Syracuse market can’t support the blues genre or the Westcott needs better marketing …. and this was just a $15 ticket!  What I do know is that almost everyone missed an outstanding show.  I have to give the Fabulous Ripcords a lot of credit for a solid set, even though they’ve probably had more people at some of their sound checks.

Ticket - Indigenous



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