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Kid Rock - Post Standard (Gary Walts)
Kid Rock – Post Standard (Gary Walts)

Here’s the fair show I’ve been looking forward to … his name is KId … Kid Rock!  Yeah, it’s not going to be a show for everyone but, the Kid brings out that in-your-face music that motivates me to pumping my fist and sliding across the stadium floor.  I’ll start right out by saying that I loved the show, but it wasn’t my favorite set.  Here’s why.

One of the criticisms from the Post-Standard was the opening prayer and Chevy-like video segments in the beginning of the show and before Born Free.  Yeah, I agree.  It may be sincere, but like Bob Segar’s Like a Rock, I can’t help getting flashbacks to commercials that aired non-stop on television.  Too bad because Born Free is a great song.  However, I will say, that every performance I’ve seen, he does thank the crowd for spending their hard earned money, almost $60, to go to the show, and I believe he means it.

Devil Without a Cause, Cowboy, Cocky and the given closer, Bawitdaba were all good and expected entries in the set.  One of my favorites, You Never Met A Mother F***** Quite Like Me, was missing the Free Bird solo that I absolutely love.  I also prefer the version of the Cowboy intro found on the Live Trucker album/tour and that was also missing from the set.  Although, Only God Knows Why was included as a shorter, more up tempo version, I love the original so much, that I felt a little disappointed, albeit the new version was solid.

I totally enjoyed the Bieber dance moves, the DJ segment and throw backs to Rush and Nuggent.  I also felt All Summer Long and Rock and Roll Jesus were spot on.  Still, many songs I would have loved to hear like Jackson Mississippi, I Am the Bull God, Blue Jeans and a Rosary and So Hot.  Understandably, you can’t play everything.  My pick of the evening … Old Fart.  Maybe because we’re the same age!

Bottom line, I’ll get a ticket next time he comes around.  I wasn’t all that down with SMO opening up.  They weren’t bad and certainly fit into the genre, but I’d rather have another 45 minutes of the Kid.  The Post-Standard article and gallery are here.  Even though the heat was up there and beverages over priced, I’d do it all over again.



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