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Tedeschi Trucks @ Civic Center, Syracuse - by Gary Walts
Tedeschi Trucks @ Civic Center, Syracuse – by Gary Walts

As solo acts, Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi are great performers, but together, with the remainder of the Tedeschi Trucks Band, they’re awesome and last night’s performance was just that.  I agree with the Post-Standard review … they also have a gallery of images from the show.  My hat goes off to the entire band.  I loved the mixture of horns and vocals.  In particular, outstanding solos from the sax, keyboards and vocals.  What’s nice is you can listen to entire show below.  My pick of the night: Do I Look Worried / Made Up Mind.  A great two-three punch at beginning of the set.  Just a great show.

Thanks to Bill Goldberg, you can listen to the entire show below.


Another big surprise for me was the opening act, Alan Evans’ Play on Brother.  This three-piece band put out a huge sound.  They were a perfect fit for Tedeschi Trucks.  I thought it was pretty funny that they didn’t want to leave the stage.  I don’t blame them, I think they were sounding great and the seats were packed … although, the fact that they locked the smokers inside with a no-reentry policy.

I wasn’t alone in being unhappy about that.  Yes, there were signs on the inside doors, but I didn’t pay any attention to them until trying to go out between sets.  Oh, this old concert goer wishes for the good ol’ days of being able to smoke at your seat.

Anyway … the seats were packed.  The band says we got two more for you and they break into this really long jam that ends with house lights on.  The crowd was loving it and the band says, “We got one more for you … What?  I guess where done.”  Someone backstage telling them to wrap it up.

I didn’t see a lot online about the band, but below is a great video of a Play on Brother set.  I would definitely check these guys out again.


Tedeschi & Trucks Performance

  • Tedeschi Trucks Band
    2014-09-23 – Civic Center, Syracuse
  • Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi
    2008-07-11 – High Falls Brewery, Rochester
  • Susan Tedeschi Band
    2001-07-20 – Hotel Syracuse, Syracuse
  • Derek Trucks Band
    2001-02-24 – Theater of Living Arts, Philadelphia
  • Multiple Allman Brothers Shows w/Derek


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