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Screen-Shot-2015-03-09-at-10.53.19-AM The first day of spring, at least according to the calendar, so it was great to get out of the house and check out the opening night of Red House’s Broadway Bound by Neil Simon.  As has come to be expected, the Red House crew knocked it out of the park.  First, a big kudos to Tim Brown for his set design.  For a small stage, every inch of space seemed to be used.  I can’t wait to see what they do when they move into their new digs where real estate doesn’t come at such a high price.

Anthony Malchar knocked it out of the park as Eugene.  I truly believe he was as good as Jonathon Silverman in Brighton Beach Memoirs or Mathew Broderick in Biloxi Blues.  Granted, Eugene is the comedic role that completes the three page trilogy, but Mr. Malchar also demonstrates his dramatic range.

Laura Austin … well, he’s a Syracuse legend.  She is just so impressive show after show.  She made me believe that I was watching my grandmother at times.  For Shannon to approach an actress and compliment her, well no more words are needed.

Kim L. Hubbard, Matthew Krob, Sharon Sorkin and John Bixler rounded out the rest of the cast.  Great job to all.  If you want to stop thinking about the cold, get out and spend the night supporting a great local non-profit organization and have a few laughs.


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