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Weekend Update #25

There are a lot of us out there who feel they are lucky to have found the right person to spend their life with and I count myself among them.  For our 25th anniversary this year, my wife put together a little scavenger hunt.  They amount of effort that she put into this was admirable.

My clue boxes
My clue boxes

Beginning at the house I received a card with a clue on it.  It led to the dorm we met at in Oswego, where I found the box and card (pictured above) to my next clue.  I won’t go on about each of the locations and there meaning, but it was great.  Of course, it did put the pressure on me.  After all, it wouldn’t look very good if I got stumped!  Thank you B.

Oswego over the weekend.
Oswego over the weekend.

My mother and sister visited Sister Mary Gerard in Denver last week.  Talking with my mother over the weekend, she seems to be doing very well … happy and in decent health.  So much thanks goes out to the beautiful needle point she created for Shannon and I.  I know the sisters have very little “spare” time and according to mom, this piece took her over a year to complete.  I’m going to frame it for the wall.

Roses created by Sister Mary Gerard for Gary and Shannon Comins - 2015
Roses created by Sister Mary Gerard for Gary and Shannon Comins – 2015

Finished off the weekend at my parents house.  The most recent storm did a number on their electrical devices and I helped out with some re-wiring of the entertainment center.  I should post some pictures of the what the back panel of the entertainment center looks like!  Anyway, we got to get some cards in with the family and to do a little hiking behind the house.

The Back 40
The Back 40 – From on top of the deer blinds behind the house

A great weekend.  Thanks to all of those who sent gifts, cards, emails, and voice mail.  Shannon and are truly blessed with such true friends and family.

—- gmsc



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