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Scotland: Glasgow Vibe

Dunstaffnage Castle, Oban
Dunstaffnage Castle, Oban

Yesterday we visited John Comyn’s castle, from my heritage.  This morning, we visited Dunstaffnage Castle, the 1275 castle built by the MacDougall clan, from Shannon’s heritage.  Unfortunately, we were unable to get inside the castle (open only Saturday thru Wednesday) but still were impressed with the grounds.  It’s pretty cool to think that her ancestors and my ancestors were practically neighbors back in the late 1200s and yet, all these years later, we meet in the United States.

My girl, Dunstaffnage Castle.
My girl, Dunstaffnage Castle.

We picked up some cool gifts (I’m not telling for whom) but it was back on the road to Glasgow.  This time, I was sure to have the iPod in hand and charged for the ride.  We pretty much stuck with our “no stopping” philosophy, but below is a sample of the type of these little scenes peppered along the hill sides.  White sheep, black sheep, cows, goats, bridges, dams, etc.  These just appear in the middle of nowhere.

Roadside on the way to Glasgow
Roadside on the way to Glasgow

For lunch we stopped at the Duck Bay Restaurant in Loch Lomond.  Pretty good …. Then we arrive at Glasgow.  I feel home!  I love this city.

George Square, Glasgow
Sauchie Hall Lane / Buchanan Street, Glasgow

Shannon is the “Royal Mile”.  Me, I’m all about Sauchie Hall Lane.  Solid people and shops for blocks on end.  Street performers playing music and every imaginable shop or food you could desire.

Slash ... Is that you?
Slash … Is that you?
All Saints Spital Fields, window pane
All Saints Spital Fields, window pane

The picture above was just a small section of the window display at All Saints Spital Fields.  I took this one for Erin.  There was thousands and thousands of these sewing machines.  Very cool.

The city is a fusion of old and new.  The picture below is of St. Andrew’s church.  Glass and stone.  The reflection of the church is also the same building with the glass.

St. Andrew's Church, Full reflection
St. Andrew’s Church, Full reflection

Then inside the church ….

Inside St. Andrew's Church
Inside St. Andrew’s Church

Finally, the other side of the church has these mirrors with bible verses on them.

St. Andrew's Church, mirror yard
St. Andrew’s Church, mirror yard

Our hotel is very different.  The toilet is a separate room from the bath and sink.  There are two open (think Japan) closet areas with screens.  The reception area has Apple computers with printers for the guests, a big bar area and a separate area for video conferencing.  Very modern looking.

Novotel, our home for the next two nights
Novotel, our home for the next two nights

I’ll leave you with this.  Last night I commented on the lack of television content.  One thing the BBC does have is news.  It’s strange how they do it though.  They go through many newspapers at a time and talk about the story on today’s front page.  One of the things I’ve heard our politicians say in the U.S. it that President Obama is not liked by other countries.  After a week of watching the news, I found just the opposite.

What they don’t understand is how violent the U.S. has become.  In particular, our gun laws and the influence of the gun lobby on our politicians.  There is a lot of coverage on the latest mass shooting.  I’m not talking a side on the argument for or against guns, but can tell you that the UK finds us to be a violent country.  Of course, last night, we saw a U.S. documentary on the Klu-Klux-Klan.  It was an instructional video on training for Klan members.  Created and produced in the U.S., this documentary taught fundamental skills like how to burn crosses without torching your own robes and the elements that make up a good clan gathering … not such a feather in our cap.

Finally, great supper tonight.  Tonight I had a great beer, Old Engine Oil, a Guinness style beer … great … and a “Butterfly and piglet burger with cheeky cheese and garlic mayonnaise”  … Have I said that I love this city!


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