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Scotland: The Last Stop

Today is the last day of our vacation.  This morning, before leaving Glasgow, we stopped by to see AXA’s Glasgow office.  It has a beautiful view of the bridge that I’ve used as the cover photo for this post.

David Gladstone Brown's previous residence location
David Gladstone Brown’s previous residence location

Then we crossed to the river to visit the location that Shannon’s grandfather used to live.  The area is not exactly posh, but a pretty good indication of what the tenant building would have looked like during the industrial boom.

Floating Faces, Kelvin Grove
Floating Faces, Kelvin Grove

The rest of the morning and the early afternoon was spent at the Kelvin Grove Museum.  This was a top-notch museum that had everything from Dali to Van Gogh.  The picture above was a really cool piece of hanging faces from the ceiling.


Then there were pictures, like the one above, the shows parts of the city that we’ve seen back in the day.  Above is the Glasgow Necropolis years ago.  It’s great that the museums are free and that they allow you take pictures (without flash).  Many other images taken in the museum, but they were mainly of pieces I liked and can be seen anywhere online.

Shannon's Magpie ...
Shannon’s Magpie …

The last image was of a magpie, one of Shannon’s favorite birds and the image used for your store.  I great way to end the trip, as we fly out of Edinburgh in the morning.



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