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New Year Cache

Although it’s only a balmy 28 degrees today, the sun was shining and we decided to get out of the house and do a little exploring.  First on the list of stops was LeMoyne Manor.  It was announced back in June that the manor would be coming done.  However, I wanted to get a few photos of the Jesuit well behind the manor in case it wasn’t preserved during the reconstruction.  An article with pictures can be found at

Erected in 1933 by the Syracuse Chapter, S.A.R. and New York State, the well is now filled in with dirt.  The plaque reads as follows:

Thought to have been used by the Jesuit missionaries of whom Father LeMoyne was the first visitor in 1654.  Called bitter sping by the Onondagas.

Directly behind the well is the train tracks for the bridge on Liverpool Parkway.  The cover photo is of the bridge directly behind the manor.  My favorite view is of the black and white image below.

From there we were off to the Lyncourt area.  Without any particular area in mind, we decided to do a little ge0caching.   We’ve found that geocaching often leads to places we’ve never been and today was no exception.

A nano cache, roughly the size of a pill capsule, was located in a “park” proportional to the cache size.  Around the corner to another park and Shannon quickly located the second cache.

We got skunked at the Woodlawn Methodist Church, but did see a nice bell previously used by the church from 1894 to 1970.

Then it was off to Schiller Park.  Personally, I had never heard of the park before and I had my doubts that Steven and Shannon would humor me when we approached the staircase.  However, they were good sports … or at least the played along, where Shannon went on to find the third cache in a row.

The statue, created in 1911 and presented by the German citizens of this community, was restored in 2003 by the City of Syracuse and the German-American Society.

The craftmanship was amazing.  While my comrades searched for the cache, I continued up the path to look around the park.

The view from on high was awesome.  Although attempts to get them to climb to the top or try one of the other entrances, with similar staircases, was falling on deaf ears … “We’ll look at the pictures” was Steven’s response with high-fives from my wife in the car … I would like to circle back sometime and see the remainder of the park.

Then it was off to Assumption Cemetery for our last cache of the day.  We stopped by my grandparent’s stone before I found our last cache.  A trip to a couple of area antique stores yielded silverware and a skeleton key for Shannon and then onto Michael’s for photo albums for a project I’ve been working on at home.

Finally lunch at the Tilted Kilt … great food, beer and surprising uniforms made for a nice lunch.  A good afternoon exploring the city.


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