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1935 Central Football – Storto Brothers

Teddy Storto, Ray Storto, Alfred Storto – 1935 Central Football

My great uncles, the Storto clan, where all very good sportsmen.  Above is a restored picture (the original was missing several chunks) from Susan’s collection featuring Teddy, Ray and Alfred in uniform.  The three played together on the 1935 Central football team coached by Pat Kane.

High school sports columnist Robert G. O’Hara of the Syracuse Herald-Journal had this to say about the Storto boys in an October 29th, 1940 column:

Nottingham is usually credited with developing the lone line of brother in scholastic athletics in Syracuse with the Gates and Hilfingers string out over a seven-year period but the Stortos of Central have been represented four times in scarlet uniforms.

The first Storto to cavort for Central was Ted, 25 years old today, he played a guard; Ray Storto, hard-line smashing fullback, 23 years old, was next in line; then came Al Storto, a flashy little tackle, who is now 21 and now the Kane-coached lads are sparked in their backfield by Dick Storto.

Dick has three more years of football ahead.  The youngster has just reached his 16th birthday and has already shown enough class to merit ranking as one of the best backs in the conference.  Young Storto should be one of the best high school backs in several years during his senior season. -p.23


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