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San Francisco – Day 1

Today was a day of firsts.  The first of firsts on the first day was being upgraded to 1st class at the airlines.

Flying is pretty much something everyone has done at some point and I’ve had a few flights.  However, I’ve never flown first class, but today was the day.  It had some nice perks … early boarding, early leaving, frequent beverages and coat checks.  But a lot of it is lost on me because i’m not really a hot towel guy and I very seldom need anything from the stewards so I’m not sure that it justifies the coast.

Still, it was a great flight as flights go.  We had a nice sit-down brunch during the layover.  Shannon got in a movie on flight and I got a little more reading in.

We had a layover in Minneapolis, which was also cold, but stepping out of the San Fran airport, my second first, to 65 degrees and sunny was an awesome feeling.  It could also have something to do with the fact that I hadn’t had an opportunity to get a smoke in since before boarding in Syracuse.

Warwick Hotel – San Fransico

When the taxi dropped us off at the hotel, it was around 3:30pm.  I love the room Shannon picked out at the Warwick (a view from our balcony above).  It’s a perfect size and has a nice overlook overlooking the street.  This will be our home base for the next couple of days.

We dropped off the suitcases and headed to explore around the area.  I saw my first legal weed shop, which (at least from outside the widow) didn’t look like some of the shops I’ve seen on television.  Still, it’s very cool in my mind another first. I’m sure some of my more conservative friends may be rolling their eyes and making a case to equate San Francisco to a level on the spiral to Hell.

I will say I had a great smoking bourbon tonight.  I like this wood under the glass to smoke it before adding and mint.  Pretty tasty.  We’re going to chill the rest of the night and see what the morning brings.



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