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San Francisco – Day 2

We were up bright and early this morning … below was the view while enjoying a coffee and bourbon on the porch

From the Warwick in the morning …

Then it was off to the farmer’s market in the ferry building … Below was an outstanding lox on sourdough with cream cheese, oranges and capers … yum.

 The market was making us want to cook something … below is inside the port authority building

Outside on the pier with some street musicians

Then worked our way down the piers … below is looking down one of the earlier piers with the Bay Bridge on the right.

Another pier further down …

We worked our way up to Pier 39 with, surprise, a Hard Rock Cafe …

We purchased our books for bus and trolley car rides around the city … At the same location was the Baltimore aquarium where i had a great time shooting.  Below are a few of the jellyfish shots I took.  I may print a few of these out for the house.  I had a couple of really cute otter shots as well, but didn’t include them in this set.  Below is a short gallery of fish pics.


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Meta data

Camera / Type Canon EOS REBEL T4i
Aperture F 6.3
Focal Length 92 mm
Shutter speed 1/130 sec
Date / Time 2018-04-21 1:22 pm

This is the first tunnel-style aquarium that I’ve been in … pretty cool to see sharks and rays swimming over head.

We had a great lunch at Pier Market watching boats and enjoying fresh lobster, salmon, halibut and shrimp and stopped a little place that had outstanding coffee and raw cookie dough in cups.  Transitioned from bourbon to rye (Tennessee Mules).

Walking back to the hotel we went through China Town.  Not a fan … Hugely crowded streets … and big hills at that.  Plus the heat was at full blaze (around 70 … both Shannon and I are tanned for sure).  Shan took this snapshot from her phone while I was pulling my lungs up to the summit behind me.


We were glad to make it back to the hotel for a little break before heading out tonight … as of late afternoon, our dogs were barking as we pushed 20,000 steps (around 8 miles).  Deciding on where to go tonight … probably leaving the camera behind.


  1. Beautiful shots! We do love living vicariously through you! And love that you did the 8 mile hike up those hills for us!! 😍


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