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San Francisco – Day 3

This morning’s objective was to take our first cable car up to Fort Mason and Fisherman’s Wharf.  For some reason, I had the impression that the cable cars ran all over the city.  However, it’s really only a couple of place they go.  Our first attempt almost resulted in a taxi.  We missed the first three cars on our arrival.  We were cut-off of from another car by some line skippers and as we waited for the next car, we had jumpers getting ready on the left and the right … some cars didn’t stop because they were already full, while others would only allow six or eight at a time.

As the trolley pulled up and our jumpers on the left and right ran ahead of us … Shannon steps on and we hear the trolly master saying “no more .. no more.”  I was just getting ready to wind up and comment on the situation and I hear Shannon saying, “he’s with me … ”  In my mind it seemed to take a while for her to acknowledge me … I was starting to wonder if she would.  Any way … we had considered taking the San Francisco challenge and hike up the hill … no … effing’ … way!  Along that vein, the wait for cable car was well worth it.

Above is from the world’s curviest street or something similar to that.  It has to be locals using this because I don’t see people from outside the area doing this.  It was perfect weather on the top of the hill.  Cooler and a nice breeze.

Starting down at Hyde Street Pier and through Maritime National Park and onto the Aquatic Park and Fort Mason on foot …

Over at the Aquatic Park Shan went wading in the beach and I playing around with some photos.

Instead they had an exhibit of a photographer on worked on the boats in the late 1800s – early 1900s.  His work was was amazing … all done with glass plates.  They had an example there, showing the difference between two photographs.  One was taken with an iPhone and the other from a glass image.  Shan asks me “Why does the iPhone one looks so much better?”  I was like, what?  You like the iPhone pictures better … we moved on.

Over at Fort Mason, we found a truck vendor that was selling firemen-style roasted chickens … so we grabbed some potatoes and chicken on the pier for lunch.  Then we asked for silverware and you’d have thought we wanted to write a book about his life.  “I’m having a bad day.  Not enough broccoli.  I ran out of napkins.  No silverware.  Setting me up.  Yup, they’re just setting me up to fail.”

Now, at this point, I’m thinking … fine, no silverware.  Please don’t say anything back.  And I hear, “… we’ll show them you persevered.”  Then he starts all up again … chickens never making it the plate.  I’m politely listening and conversing with myself … if she responds to him again…

Trolley back and regrouping for tonight.




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