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San Francisco – Day 4

A more relaxed start today.  We’ve done plane, taxi, trolley and now bus.  Pretty effortless … got us to Haight-Ashbury.


For me personally, it was pretty cool walking down these streets.  Unfortunately, I think this area panders more to the commercial than elsewhere.  I loved the Burger Urge … what a great name.

From there we walked through some of the lower part of Golden Gate Park …

On destination was the Science Center, locate in one of the areas of the park.

Oh my God, the kids … We thought we’d be safe going on a Monday, but apparently this is a prime spot of classroom field trips.  Kids everywhere … above is picture of rain forest sphere located inside the building.  Below are a few from their aquarium.

Not really as good as the last aquarium photos, partially because these swarms of children had sticky fingers all over the glass … sneezing on … on the ledges.  Do you know how loud a child’s scream is inside a tunnel?

The museum has a living roof (grass, solar panels, etc.).  We got there on a very special day.  Apparently Jenny and Ronald from Fremont Academy are officially boyfriend and girlfriend today … romance on the living roof … we know this because there were several proclamations by the Fremont Academy.

We decided to head over to the art museum across the common area … we were pretty sure there would be a few less kids … screaming at least.

Closed … walked over to the Japanese Tea Gardens …

We keep walking down the other side of Ashbury and picked up the bus back to the city … Great lunch at David’s … Pushing 8 miles again today, even with the buses.  Next up is plans for tonight …



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