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San Francisco – Day 5

Last night, Shan got us into the Maltese Falcon room.  Great vibe.  It had the old Italian feel to it.  All male waiters that looked like they were once in the mob.  Wine bottles every where, live jazz guitarist.  A great steak.  I guess the story goes that Dashiell Hammett, the author of The Maltese Falcon, wrote about this restaurant in a Sam Spade story.

We decided on a low key day today … breakfast and then on by foot to Yerba Buena Gardens … Shannon’s fun fact is that Yerba Buena was the city name before San Francisco.  Pretty interesting, eh?

Everything here is old and new mixed together.  Above you can see what I mean …

Pretty cool Martin Luther King, Jr. monument in the park.  I thought the waterfall on the outside of the memorial was tranquil.

Spent some time at the SFMOMA … made it through three floors.  It was great, but also a lot of it …

Caught an early showing of Isle of Dogs … it was surprisingly pretty good.  Yeah, big fancy art museum (4 floors remaining) or cartoon by Wes Anderson … I can say the movie chairs were every nice leather double-wide recliners.  I might have to get one of those for the man cave.

The weather finally broke and it was much cooler today and I was grateful.  I got a lot of sun over the last couple of days and even with the transportation, we’ve done a lot of walking on some hilly streets.  By time we got back to the hotel today we’ve logged about 30 miles on foot so far.

Maybe Golden Gate Bridge in the morning …


  1. I have loved all your posts so far. You two are really making the most of your stay there. I don’t know if you have heard of it but there is a place in Cazenovia called “the Movie Tavern”. Every seat is a recliner and they serve food there too. It’s your typical “bar” food but they bring it right to your seat. They have call buttons in case you want something during the movie. We got a gift card for Christmas but haven’t used it yet. My kids all go there and they love it.


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