And So It Goes

My random online scrapbook

Road Trips

San Francisco – Day 7

We rented a car and headed out of the city today.  Below driving over the Golden Gate.

Then over to Muir Woods.  It was alright.  Yes the trees are impressive, but there was a lot of dead wood just lying around.  The trails were nice and everything but they have one area where you’re not supposed to talk … at least that’s what Shannon kept telling me … personally, I didn’t see any signs myself.

Yeah … a got a lot of tree pictures but, I think you get the idea.  There was a lot of trees …  Onto Sausalito.  Below the end of the yacht club.

Drinks and lunch at the Triton

And did some shopping around the area.  It strikes be how the houses are built into the hillsides (below) and a few shots from around town:

I did get some good panoramic shots, but they’re too large to upload right now … but beautiful views of the canyon on descent to Muir Woods.

Staying in tonight and deciding what we want to do the last day.



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