And So It Goes

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Road Trips

San Francisco – Day 8

The last full day … the objectives are to ride the F-Car

Check … we were packed into this cable car … standing room only.  Next pickup a t-shirt and shot glass to add to my Hard Rock Cafe collection …

We wanted to see the sea lions …

And pick up some candy … no promises on what makes it home though …

A couple more odds and ends shots and back to the hotel.  Probably hanging out the remainder of the day as we need to leave for the airport around 4am to head back.

Backing up the rest of the photographs, packing the camera and kicking back on the patio …

—- gmsc


  1. Thank you Gary for all the great posts. It makes me feel like I was on the trip with you and I definitely would love to go there someday and see all the great places for myself. Travel safe and hopefully we can get together with you guys and Mary Lee soon. Love you all


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