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Season 17


  1. Finale Recap – Congratulations to Shannon, Stephanie and Lori for their top three finishes. I can’t say that I’m disappointed that any of these three teams made it to the end of the race. Nat & Kat are the first female team to win, so kudos for winning one for the women. Race #18 is already on tap for Feb. 2011 so we’ll be back to the boards in early February.

  2. Recap Week #11 – Not much in the way of surprises this week. Nick & Vicki were last and eliminated. They were blessed to be last in two non-elimination rounds and they remained in the race after not finishing a challenge and wanting to quit. On the brigher side, Shannon, Lori and Stephanie are in the points and pending this week’s result, who will be awarded the league trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. My wife is hoping for an all-girl team to come out on top … since we have two, it’s a pretty good chance.

  3. Recap Week #10 – Nick & Vicki (Nancy), you guys are very lucky. This is their second non-elimination finish. The worse part is that they didn’t finish the challenge and they’re ready to quit, yet they get rewarded with another week. Our final three will be revealed next week.

  4. Recap Week #8 & #9 – We’re getting to the end. Gary and Mallory were eliminated in week #8 and Chad and Stephanie were eliminated in week #9. I have to be honest here and say that I’m not disappointed to see Chad and Stephanie go. Especially after taunting the doctors at the last challenge. We have four people left — Stephanie, Nancy, Lori & Shannon. Three will move on for points. Good luck everyone!

  5. Recap Week #7: Alright, I’m confused. Last week Nick & Vicki were saved from elimination. This usually means that they’ll be required to do an extra road block the following week. I didn’t see it — did you? That seems a little unfair to me. Meanwhile, Mike and Kevin just made too many mistakes this week. Two taxi cab rides when they were suppose to walk and then a poor showing on the last challenge. Its too bad because I’m not pulling for Chad or Nick — both need to learn to be better communicators and what their respective girlfriends see in either of them is beyond me.

  6. Week #6 Recap – This week we saw some potato planting, other than the watermelon incident, one of my favorite segments of the race to so. I continue to pull for Michael and Kevin. On the points side of the board, Nancy picks up points for Nick & Vicki being the second team to finish last and not be eliminated. Let’s see if they’ll be able to work together well enough to finish other than last in the next leg.

  7. Week #5 Recap: This episode was such a close call, Steven ended up at St. Joseph’s Hospital. The doctors, Nat & Kat (Shannon) completed the fast forward earning another 5 points on our board. Katie and Rachael (Judy) was eliminated this week — sorry sis, maybe next season.

  8. Week #4 Recap: I was disappointed to see the gleeks get eliminated this week. They made a mistake by not checking into other flight schedules and they took too much time on the sleds before switching to the other roadblock. However, I think their exit was classic and speaks volumes about the kind of team they were and how they conducted themselves in the race. I’m now pulling for Michael and Kevin (the father/son team). They’re a longshot, but they made great strides overcoming their last place finish from the previous leg of the race.

  9. Week #3 Recap: The Princeton duo took advantage of their ability to solve puzzles and follow directions to finish in first place this week. I was happy to see Michael and Kevin work through their challenges and, although they finished in last place, they continue to be my favorite team. Luckily from them and for Theresa, this was a non-elimination round. Next week will be pretty tough for them to make up ground, but you never know …. The doctors have had some bad luck but I expect them to move up in the pack. It’s been a good start to the season.

  10. Week #2 Recap: Well, I was pulling for the mother-daughter team of Andie & Jenna but they just couldn’t put it together enough to finish anywhere but last. A nice team but they just didn’t seem to play with any urgency. Did you laugh as hard as I did while the teams were racing in the taxis? I’m also getting a kick out of “Claire … hurry up”, “Claire … this way”, “Claire … run”, etc. Let’s see what week #3 brings.

  11. Week #1 Recap: I thought it was a good start to the season. I had to rewind that watermelon coming back to hit that girl in the face. That must have hurt. I also had a few laughs at people trying to get the boats across the water without sinking them. Eventually, this was the final test for Ron & Tony (Keith) who were the first to be eliminated. I have the glee guys — oh boy.

  12. thanks, tar is my all time favorite. As a matter of fact, I’ve sent two applications. So far, no luck. Maybe number 3 will be the charm.

  13. Linda,
    Maybe next season — we generally don’t have a lot of people dropping out, but if we do, I’ll keep you in mind.

  14. Yesterday was our official drawing for the new season. As we did with Survivor, we earmaked one of the names to receive a lottery ticket … which I won. I’m glad that my names are pulled by someone other than myself 🙂

    Everyone enjoy the season and good luck.


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