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S21 – Nicaragua


  1. Final Recap – A lot of points dished out in finale tonight. First, congratulations to Stephanie for her first 1st place finish. Fabio (Stephanie & Steven) was our 1st place winner. Chase (Mary & Theresa) came in 2nd place and Sash (Steve & Keith) 3rd place. The last “La Flor” member to be voted off was Benry (Marylee & Linda). The last “Espada” member voted off was Holly (Steve & Linda). Winner of the final immunity was Fabio (Stephanie & Steven) and the Fan Favorite was awarded to Jane (Diane & Nancy).

    Overall, it was an average season. I believe they need to address the “quitting” rule however. I don’t believe that NaOnka and Kelly should have been allowed to vote on the jury. I also feel they had no right to get up and ask questions at the final tribal council. Yes, you quit — you should be out of the game. Period.

    Steven will be contacting all of the points winners over the next week or so. Everyone have a safe and happy holiday and we’ll be back with another board next season.

  2. Recap Week #13 – Sash was scrambling to stay alive this week and overall, I think he did pretty well to have Benry eliminated while avoiding the need to use his individual immunity idol. Additionally, he won the individual challenge, keeping immunity away from the other survivors. I think he would be more of a threat at the end than Jane. Dan might make it until the end. He isn’t a threat at any of the challenges and I think people would argue that he has not contributed to game at all, should he be in the final 3. At this point, I’d go with Sash, Dan & Holly for making the final three, although any mistakes now (and how wins immunity) could sway the game big time.

  3. Week #11/#12 Recap: For the record, last week was week #11 and CBS considers this a “new” episode, so this is week #12. A disappointing episode. Both Naonka and Kelly quit the game. I don’t believe that they should be able to vote on the jury because they quit, but according to Jeff’s Blog ( that’s the precedent set. How about the challenge …? Naonka or Dan, who isn’t really doing much of anything at all, wouldn’t step back. Too bad the show couldn’t replace one of the quitters with people voted off early on, but who wanted to stay.

  4. Recap Week #9/10 – What a difference a couple of weeks make. I’m surprised more people don’t get the connection between proclaiming on the cameras that they are in sole control of the game and that shortly after they’re flames are being snuffed out. Such is the case with Marty and Brenda. Sash not providing Brenda with the idol, which could have been a game changing move, is going to cause some friction with the two of them. I’m fairly confident that he won’t make it to the jury to find out.

  5. Recap Week #7/8 – A lot of action on the board over the last couple of episodes. Let’s start with Jill being voted off on week #7. She (Theresa / Mary) is the last person voted off before the jury. This week, Alina, was voted off and she (Gary/Judy) is the first member of the jury. We also have Sash (Steve/Keith) placing the last vote on episode #8. It’s still hard to phantom why Alina and not Naonka, Dan or Marty. I can’t say I get it. You regard the person who steals your food and supplies by sticking around another week. Let’s not forget that she also has an immunity idol and, well, she’s a crazy bitch.

  6. Recap Week #6: It was a double elimination week this week. That mean’s individual immunity. The first one to wear the individual immunity idol was Holly (Steve & Linda). I’m not sure why it was thought the Kelly B was a better choice than Marty with his unused immunity idol, but that’s the way the first tribal council went. The second tribal was just as confusing. Why Yve and not Dan … again, is crazy.

  7. Recap Week #5: Oh what a difference a couple of weeks make on Survivor. Back in week #3, NaOnka was thinking she was all that and ready to go “ghetto” on anyone who stood in her way. This week we find her crying in the rain and wanting to quit. Personally, I think she’ll get her wish over the next couple of episodes. She (Shannon / Diane) was awarded the first person to cry with visible tears. Tyrone — another victim of his own actions — was eliminated for laying down the law and eating the largest segment of chicken (…. why didn’t they eat the rooster and leave the hen for eggs?). Who will go next week? My top three guesses are NaOnka, Ed or Marty. Two of the three want to go and Marty might be sent packing with a blindside (which would eliminate the threat of using the individual immunity idol).

  8. Week #4 Recap: I’m not really sorry to see Jimmy T. go this week. I can’t imagine listening to someone like that day in and day out. Again Dan is saved. Marty is a snake in the grass and NaOnka, you really need to get some professional help when you’re voted off. Rest assured, you will eventually be voted off. We have a couple of winners this week. Tyrone was first to enter tribal council so Theresa and Steven put points on the board. Still waiting for the actual tears, you know they’ll eventually be coming. I’m looking forward to the merging (or at least the reorganizing) of the tribes next week. The Espada folks are not positioned to win anything based on the performances and the personalities I’ve seen so far. I think Marty’s game plan is based on just that. We’ll have to wait and see what happens.

  9. Three weeks and I’ve lost three out of the four survivors I have in the game. Obviously I’m sadden by the loss of the coach. Jimmy was not the weakest player on that team and the only honest (by Survivor terms anyway) of the bunch. Marty is jealous and overbearing. Jill was stupid to let him have that idol — its gone to his head. The older tribe will pay for this decision many times over.

    Naonka — total bitch. Period. Is there anyone she hasn’t talk trash about. Come on, the girl you went “hood” or “ghetto” on (her words not mine) has one freakin’ leg. Oh, what a bad ass you are. I know Shannon has her, but I’m hoping she’s gone before the jury. I can’t stand listening to her.

    Alina, my last survivor, is not long for the tribe. It’ll be a short season for me this time around!

  10. The second installment of this season and already a lot of drama. We have some winners this season — homophobia, shoe sinking, stock stealing — and this is only week #2!

    Let’s start with the first person to find a hidden immunity idol category. This could have (and should have been) Jill (Mary & Theresa) instead it goes to Marty (Stephanie & Diane). Why she felt Marty is the one to side with lost on me when she could have had an idol for herself.

    Steven and I deliberated on the first person to cry visible tears. Yes we saw Holly wiping her eyes but neither of us saw tears (nor did Shannon). This category still stays on the table this week.

    1st man voted off goes to Shannon (Gary/Bob). What a tribal council though. This young tribe has a few issues with each other. Yeah, its all good when you win but personalities come out when you loose …. we saw a lot around the council fire this week.

  11. We have two sets of winners with tonight’s season opener. First category was the “blurred body part” category. Congratulations to Steve and Keith. Sash was the first person to be blurred out in his yellow bike shorts. This happens about 18min. into the show and is just prior to both Shannon and Chase being blurred out as they walked along the beach.

    The second category, “first woman voted off” goes to Shannon and I. It’s sort of bitter sweet. Yes, we get points but we both lost a survivor on the first night.

    I also wanted to clarify Jeff’s comments at the beginning of the first challenge, “…this is not for individual immunity, this if for the power [whatever]” and our board category is “1st person to find a hidden immunity idol”. Although, Alina and Yve both seem to be in the early running for this category.

    There were not as many winners on the opening night as we’ve seen in the past, but not a bad start for the new season.

  12. Linda,
    Yes you are a winner twice over. Steve will be mailing the tickets out to you — most likely after the first episode as we should the first group of winners on the first night. Good luck, most the tickets were duds so with any luck ….

  13. I won a lottery ticket? Does that x2 mean I won 2 of them? when will I receive them? I think I’m loving this survivor pool already! Thanks for inviting me.

  14. Yesterday we had our official drawing for the season. As a little added bonus we gave out lottery tickets at randam based on who was drawn. Marylee, Linda (x2) and Steven walked away with tickets. Three of the four tickets are being sent via mail by Steven and myself.

    I hope everyone enjoys the season and good luck.


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