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Season 18


  1. Linda, thanks for participating. Once you’re on the list you get the first option to play again in the next season. I want to make some changes to the categories next season to keep the board fresh — we’ll stay in touch. Also thanks for commenting throughout the season!.

  2. Season #18 Finale: It was a good finish to the race. Zev & Justin were the last team eliminated. That left our final three finishing in this order: 1st Place Lakisha & Jennifer (Theresa), 2nd Place Flight Time & Big Easy (Stephanie), 3rd Place Gary & Mallory (Gary). As there was only one non-elimination phase of the race and no Fast Forward, we had two remaining categories to fill. There were no early legs of the race that were continuation legs — these were pretty close to be non-elimination legs of the race so Steven and I decided to use these two positions as fillers. The cowboys (Steve) were the last team to arrive on week #1 and Jaime & Cara were the last team to arrive on week #4. Steven will be distributing points shortly. Thanks to everyone for participating this season.

  3. and for Kent to say Vixen is negative??? Pot calling the kettle. He was so negative and such a whiner! Gotta say, glad to see them go, even though it means I don’t win

  4. Week #10 Recap: Kent & Vysxin eliminated today. Honestly, I can’t stand watching teams bitch from start to finish. Kent was one of those people. If it wasn’t for Vysxin, they would have been gone a long time ago and to blame her for being eliminated — not very classy in my book. We’re down to the final four and the end is near. The biggest surprise to me is Gary and Mallory. I’m surprised they are still in the race. Kudos to them. Note to Kent, they’ve done it with a smile.

  5. loved the cowboys! Even though I’m officially routing routing for Kent and Vixen, it would of been nice to see the cowboys win. I’m actually surprised Kent and Vixen have made it this far, what with Kent’s whining and girlish ways.

  6. Week #9 Recap: So long to the cowboys. I think they sort of received a raw deal. By being honest (not getting the answer from another team) it ultimately eliminated them from the race. I think the staff at Amazing Race need to consider ammending the rules to address this. As far as the challenges go, there is no way I would have been able to eat all of that cheese.

  7. Week #8 Recap: I thought Gary and Mallory were out of the race for sure this week. Luckily, it was our first non-elimination round of the season. It seemed like a fairly easy leg of the race on this episode. Two new Ford Focus’ — not too shaby.

  8. Week #7 Recap: Another pretty good episode. The instant that Ron stepped forward to do the challenge in the streets, I figured they were in trouble. Directions (or speed) has not been Ron’s forte since starting the race. Had Christina taken on this challenge, I think they would still be in the race. It’s unfortunate because they are a couple of other teams that I believe are less deserving to still be in the race. Ron needed a food challenge — that guy loves to eat. I was glad to see the globetrotters bounce back from last place to first place.

  9. Gotta say I completely agree with you, Gary. I wonder if anything was said about the cup smashing that didn’t make it on the show. Seems like Phil shoulda said something.

  10. Week #6 Recap: I’ll be honest, I kept going back and forth last week about who I hoped would be going home. Zev & Justin — I’m sorry but it totally turns me off when racers are disrespectful to their international hosts during the race. Point in case being Zev smashing his tea cup against the floor because he was wrong in his selection during the challenge. That team, Zev in particular, also got away with hiding a crucial piece for another team while trying to do the wind chime challenge earlier this season. It really shows disrespect to the other teams, hosts and game itself. But, it was Margie and Luke finishing last as they were eliminated from the race. I didn’t feel too bad about them going home because of all the sobbing and crying. Please. This is your second (and hopefully last) time running the race and both ended in some school girl emotional drama. A grown man crying to his mother. I’m of the opinion that this game is ‘not his cup of tea’.

  11. Week #4/#5 Recap – Week number four was another continuation leg of the race. I’m starting to wonder if they will also have non-elimination legs of the tour. Maybe this is a new policy. We’ll have to wait and see. The Race was pretty good. The Globetrotters did a great job completing the double u-turn. It was pretty bold for Kent and Vysxin to u-turn Jaime and Cara while they were standing right there. They still had a chance in the end but the last challenge did them in. Gary and Mallory, who I would have u-turned knowing they would probably use their express pass to overcome the physical challenge of installing the lights, skipped the hardest challenge by using their pass anyway. The cowboys beat them to the mat at the end. I also liked watching the Globetrotters playing basketball with the Cowboys. A good episode — even though I had to watch it online due to another late start on the DVR.

  12. Week #3 Recap: A good episode tonight. I like it when the teams have options (like which flight to take) instead of getting grouped together. The final challenges in Japan must have been very uncomfortable. Mike and Mel (Mary) put in the effort but this race is difficult if you’re not in very good physical shape. It makes it difficult to get through a challenge like that at the end of a leg. I believe this is the last we’ll see of Mel and Mike. Jaime and Cara were saved this week.

  13. Week #2 Recap: You have to give it up for the cowboys. They came from dead last to finish up near the top. In contrast, the father and daughter team of Gary and Mallory tumbled toward the bottom. Unfortunately, the extra task proved to be too much for Amanda and Cris (Keith) as they were eliminated this week. On the positive side, Keith is the first one on this year’s points board.

  14. Week #1 Recap: They’re off! This leg of the race did not conclude at the first check point and is a continuation into next week. So, at this point, no categories were completed. Gary and Mallory were the first to reach the continuation point and received an ‘express pass’ to use at some point later during the game (…to skip a challenge). Used wisely, this could be a big advantage especially for them, as I don’t consider them one of the more physical teams. The big surprise were the cowboys. I didn’t think they’d be at the back of the pack. Of course, how they finish next week may be very different from how they left off this week.


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