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S23 – South Pacific


  1. Recap Finale – The big winner tonight was Lori. She picked up both first and second place on the board with Sophie and Coach. Linda also comes away with a first place trophy. Yeah, I was pulling for Ozzy, but he came up just a little short. I’d like to thank God for such a good season!

  2. Recap Wk#13 – Ozzy is one individual immunity win away from being the first person to return from Redemption Island twice. A couple more individual immunity wins and he will be guaranteed a spot in the final three. Eden (with the assistance of the remaining tribe) came close to Ozzy, but fell short and joined the jury. Brandon was sent packing after giving up his immunity to Albert. Rick outed coach’s possession of the immunity necklace, which should secure him a spot in the final three if he uses it. It all comes to a conclusion on Sunday.

  3. Recap Wk#12 – Although Cockran made a great effort to beat Ozzy, he fell short at the last moment and “the world’s greatest Survivor fan” has become the latest member of the jury. Edna’s pleas to send Brandon instead of her at the tribal council fell on deaf ears and she is off to face Ozzy on the next episode. Will Ozzy’s run finally come to end? The previews have us believing so …

  4. Recap Wk#11 – Ozzy continues to dominate at Redemption Island, sending Dawn and Whitney to the jury. Although Cockran tried to manipulate the remaining members into saving him for another day, in the end, he was sent to Redemption Island to face off against Ozzy next week. Things don’t look good for him. I think the best he can hope for is a puzzle challenge. Anything physical and his hope of getting back into the game will be slight at best. Regardless, the remaining tribe must now start voting each other off. I’m curious to see how they’re going to react to this.

  5. Recap Wk#10 – Several updates for the board this week. As the announcement indicated at Redemption Island, Christine (Shannon & Steve) became the last person voted off before the jury and Jim (Mary & Dave) became the first members of the jury. Ozzy continued to dominate in the challenges, sending Keith to the jury as well. The double elimination at the end of the evening, made Cockran the last member of his tribe to remain in the game (excluding the person to return from Redemption Island). Will Cockran be able to stay in the game next week?

  6. Recap Wk#9 – So how many people thought the episode was over when Ozzy was voted off for a second time? Jim was all talk when it came down to giving up the immunity necklace. Yeah, its easy to say what you’re going to do and its another to actually do it when your neck is on the line. Coach’s team is solid and I think only immunity will save the remaining members of Ozzy’s tribe. Next week’s challenge at Redemption Island should be very competitive.

  7. Recap Wk#8 – The best laid plans … Ozzy held up his end of the bargain, defeating Christine at Redemption Island and placing on the board as the first person to return from Redemption Island. However, Cockran, opened the door for Coach’s tribe and sent Keith to Redemption Island. He will most definitely not be popular for that decision. Cockran was the last person to cast a vote on episode #8 so he places on our board. Additionally, the first individual immunity idol was won by Dawn and she places on our board for the first time.

  8. Recap Wk#7 – Not a good week for team Gary. Let’s start with the elimination of Mikayla. She didn’t look good this week — however, I’ve felt she has been targeted, unfairly, since the beginning. I have to give Christine her due for continuing to win, but I still don’t believe she’s that good. We’ll find out next week if she is hype or for real. Why? Ozzy volunteered to go to Redemption Island and battle her, trying to ensure even number of “faithful” tribe members going into the merge.

    Personally, I think Ozzy’s move is way too big a risk. Should he loose, his tribe is in serious trouble. Obviously, the tribe would be weakened without him there. The larger issue, in my mind, is that with the immunity necklace, Cockran could force another member of the tribe to be eliminated instead of himself — should the tribe loose the challenge. Cockran is a smart guy and he, himself, has said many times that he would do what he needed to do to say in the game longer. I think he could be swayed to move to the other team if it meant his survival.

    Most annoying — the religion card that Coach has leveraged this week. To begin with, many on the team have been lying and scheming. So the whole “Thank you Father” commentary is disturbing. If you want to be religious, fine, but doing it for show or to further your personal agenda … well, that’s pretty sad. And annoying for the viewers. I am no longer a fan of the blue team.

    Watch for the drama next week. Also keep an eye on the last person to vote at tribal council — this is a board category.

  9. Recap Wk#6 – I give a big advantage to Coach this week. He eliminated Mikayla, while keeping his “yes” posse of Brandon, Rik, and Edna. However, I think Mikayla has a good chance of winning on Redemption Island against Christine — especially if its a physical challenge. I also think that being sent to Redemption Island on week #6, may also give her a good chance to make it back into the game. Every season, there is one player that just drives me nuts. This season, Brandon is that player. Can anyone recall another guy crying so much on this show … and its only week #6! I would love to see Brandon voted off next and then loose to Mikayla on Redemption Island. Justice might be served and he can get the counseling he seriously needs.

  10. Recap Wk#5 – Tough week for Ozzy. He looses his snuggle baby and realizes that no one else voted with him. Unfortunately, Theresa looses two people with one blow, as Elyse is voted out. Mikalya continues to impress me. Brandon continues to irritate me.

  11. Recap Wk#4 – Another week and another Brandon breakdown. I don’t know about you, but I would prefer to be watching Russell than this guy. I’ll say it once again — therapy. Kudos to Dawn for holding out in the challenge. She helped her team avoid tribal, but I’m not so sure how much it changed her position within her tribe. Stacey’s time had come. She was an outsider and her fate was determined by her association with Christine. However, I think she’ll overcome Christine at Redemption Island next week. Mikayla was the first person to enter tribal council this week so Marylee and I put points on the board.

  12. Recap Wk#3 – Well, not many surprises this week. Papa Bear was voted off (Judy & Stephanie place on the board for first man voted out) and he was right on the money with Cockran and Dawn being next in the picking order. Ozzy looks like he’s sitting pretty good in his ‘group of 5’. On the other team, Brandon continues to self destruct. This guy really needs some therapy when he’s voted off the island — and rest assured, if he continues down the road he’s on, it won’t be long. Next week, watch for the first person to enter tribal council.

  13. Recap Wk#2 – Wow. Brandon may be a nicer guy than his cousin Russell, but he most definitely has some personal issues. News flash Brandon, just because you find Mikayla attractive, it doesn’t make her a whore. From everything that has been shown to this point, she has done nothing but help out around camp and in the challenges. News flash #2 Brandon, just because you get caught in a lie and are forced to admit it, it doesn’t make you an “honest” player. I think he’s a bad apple and if the group was smart, they’d get rid of him the next opportunity that they have. However, on the chopping block this week was Christine. Coach had it out for her with her comments on day one. However, alienating the rest of the tribe to look for the idol didn’t help her out in anyway. On the other tribe, I think Ozzy has already determined the pecking order. Although he is a great player, I would vote him off early if I wasn’t in his inner circle.

  14. Recap Wk#1 – My first impression is that the red tribe is going to have a hard time of it. I believe they may have gotten a boost by getting Ozzy, as he is very athletic, but I see a lot of physically weak links in that group. It came down to Semhar and John (Mr. Cockran) — the final tipping point was the challenge. Semhar (Bob/Heather) is off to Redemption Island and the first ones to score points in the game. Another poor performance by Mr. Cockran, and just like that, Bob might have both players eliminated on the board by week #2. I’m not sure if that has happened before. Keep the faith though — Redemption Island is not elimination … yet.


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