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Season 19


  1. Congratulations, Nancy.
    Now…. who can guess what I’m really thinking? lol jk

  2. Recap Finale – Congratulations to Nancy, Diane and Steven for finishing in the top three spots for the season!

  3. I hear you. I think they got a raw deal. However, it was more the cab drivers than the other teams. At least they walked away with some cash and prizes.

  4. I’m pretty sure I used every swear word I know last night. I was positive they were going to the final and pretty sure they we’re going to win. Oh, well. They played a great game though.

  5. Recap Wk#11 – I couldn’t help but feel sorry for Andy & Tommy. They’ve been very good all season and one mistake this week cost them a chance to win. Moreover, two of the other teams would have finished behind them had the cab drivers not collaborated together. An unfortunate way to go down. However, we have our final three — Diane, Steven, & Nancy. All the remains is the final order.

  6. Recap Wk#9/#10 – Last week, week #9, the Race was a continuation into week #10. Unfortunately, due to being in transit, we had to watch the showed from the DVR, and, as is often the case, the show was almost a complete hour late. After reading the episode’s summary, I see that Bill & Cathi were eliminated. Kudos to them and for lasting much longer than I ever expected.

  7. Recap Wk#8 – Amani & Marcus had enough momentum to overcome a couple of big travel mistakes. Jeremy and Sandy survived by the skin of their teeth. Laurence & Zak were sent home. Between the huge amount of time at the dancing challenge, the u-turn, and getting lost — it was too much to overcome. I give Bill & Cathi kudos again this week for performing the u-turn and still coming in second place.

  8. Recap Wk#7 – They call it a race for a reason. If something goes wrong, the obvious answer is not to just stand there and hope someone else will come by. For this blunder, Justin and Jennifer were eliminated.

  9. Recap Wk#6 – A pretty good leg of the race. Once again we see how key transportation is in this game. Amani and Marcus were first to the airport, yet last to leave the airport. I don’t understand why they didn’t request a seat toward the front of the plane. It ended up costing them. Even though they arrived last and were safe in a non-elimination leg, they’ll be starting at the back of the pack with an extra challenge in the next leg. Bill and Cathi are still hanging in there. A mistake of not paying their driver almost left them in the bottom of the heap. You have to hand it to them though, for an older couple they moved fast enough to stay ahead of Amani and Marcus — even with a big mistake.

  10. Recap Wk#5 – Not much of a surprise this week. Liz and Marie had a steep challenge to stay alive and with the lack of funds, they fell short and were ultimately eliminated. The bus schedules really flip-flopped the final order of the finishing order of this leg of the race. I expect that situation to right itself on the next set of physical challenges. Kudos to Bill and Cathi for keeping themselves in the race and finishing in the upper half on this leg of the race.

  11. Recap Wk#4 – This leg of the race was made for Andy & Tommy. An underwater challenge and a little rock climbing. They were far and above the best team in this leg of the race. Liz & Marie (Keith) were very lucky. Finishing last this week, it was a non-elimination round. So, Keith puts his first points of the season on the board and the girls have a chance at redemption in the next leg of the race. Bill and Cathi are still hanging in there, finishing 7th again this week. The question is, will they be able to stay ahead of Liz and Marie.

  12. Recap Wk#3 – A pretty good leg of the race. To me, Bill and Cathi should get the kudos. Bill completed the last challenge alone — something none of the other teams can say. In my opinion, Amani and Marcus should have been sent packing. They were handed the answer and still had needed to work as a team to complete the challenge. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — there should be a rule change to force (or at least penalize) a team for not completing a challenge. But, it was Kaylani and Lisa (Marylee) that were sent home.

  13. Recap Wk#2 – It’s a sad night for our house this evening. The one-two punch of Ethan & Jenna, followed by Ron & Bill took both Shannon and I out of the race. At least Shannon earned points by being the first team eliminated. Not much of a surprise that Ron & Bill were the other team. Bill and Cathi surprised me this week, however, I’m convinced they will not finish. Justin & Jennifer are also marked. They just don’t communicate at all. Maybe that should have been a clue not to attempt to try this race together. I’m not sure that any one team is standing out as “the team to beat” this time. We’ll have to see what happens next week.

  14. Recap Wk#1 – Well, a couple of teams are off to a rocky start. Bill & Cathi were the last place team in the first non-elimination round. That means they place on our board and have a chance to remain in the game next week. However, they will have to do much much better to even have a shot. Phil also announced that next week is a double elimination round — the last two teams to arrive will be eliminated. As far as our board goes, the first team that Phil indicates as being eliminated will be the one that places on the board.


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