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  1. woo hoo! Thanks for running the show, Gary. Great work and nice recaps. Now show me the money! lol

  2. Final Recap – Congratulations to Erin for being the only person to pick Kim as the winner from the beginning. Erin picks up 50 points for this. Of course Keith and Linda are the other big winners capturing first place and fan favorite. No major surprises this week. I think Kim rightfully deserved it as she was the mastermind behind the entire season. Congratulations to all of the winners and we’ll be looking forward to the next season.

  3. Week #13 Recap – We are getting to end. The last of the guys was voted out this week. Again, I believe that Christine and Alicia should have used Tarzan to take out Kim, but Kim has everyone of the girls thinking that they’re going with her to the end. Think about it ladies … only three go and there are five of you. I’m pretty sure Christina is next, assuming she doesn’t win the challenge. Heather, Marylee and Erin (especially Erin) are still in the running for the u-pick category. I think Kim (Linda and Keith)is in the final three. The question remains as to whom she’ll be there with. Watch the finale on Sunday.

  4. Week #12 Recap – Kat said she loves a good blind side. Well, there you go! I am surprised that Kim went along with it though. Kim’s problem now becomes securing votes from the women she is going to have to eliminate before advancing to the final three. Good luck on that.

  5. Week #11 Recap: Troy was unable to gather enough support to keep him in the game and joined the jury by the end of the evening. I couldn’t help asking myself why he wasn’t spending day and night looking for the other idol. One more guy and then the woman will have to fight it out among themselves. Christina and Kat will soon see why the should have left the all-girl alliance much earlier.

  6. Week #10 Recap – Even after all this time, the guys (Greg) still wouldn’t vote together. Goodbye Leif. Troy, I think you’re just delaying the inevitable. This is going to be an all girls final.

  7. Week #9 Recap: Kim is a pretty smart cookie. She has positioned the women for three females to be sitting together in the end. Jay, you deserved to go home today. Last week, he was all doubting about the women and this week, they all lied to him and he bought it. Had he not told them that Troy had an idol, he might have had a chance in tying up with Alicia, but … Although Troy warned everyone what was up, why vote Kim? Vote Alicia because you know Jay is a non-believer and that’s the way he’s going vote. Leif, I can’t believe you just stepped down out of the challenge for food. Obviously, you’re not smart enough to see where you are on the pecking order. Greg … never mind. These guys have played a very bad game from day 1. I’ve said it for three weeks straight, the women have this one to lose.

  8. Week #8 Recap: As anticipated, the girls began to eliminate the men. Sometimes I wonder if this people have ever watched this show before they become contestants. Jay tried to warn the guys, but… This week’s victim was Mike, who should have know he was at risk when no one communicated with him all day. My play (if I was Jay) would have been to give the idol to Mike. If the alliance held up, he wouldn’t have needed it. If the alliance didn’t hold up and the girls voted for Mike, he would have been safe. If a guy is going to win this game, they’ll have to band together and convince Christina, who is always getting votes, to come to their side. Even with that, the women will have a 5/4 edge. All season these guys have not played a good game. From following Colton to breaking their alliances. I think the women have this one.

  9. Week #7 Recap: With Jonas’ departure this week, he becomes the first member of the jury so Diane and Shannon place on the board. As Colton was not voted off, the last person voted off reverts back to Nancy whom our own Nancy and Shannon had as their picks. Finally, the winner of the first individual immunity challenge goes to Troy, which puts Steven and Heather on the board. I think taking out Jonas was a mistake for the guys. I believe the chances that a girl will win this year just got much much better. We’ll have to wait and see.

  10. Week #5 Recap: This week the tribes are realigned with Alicia and Colton falling on the same team. So I think to myself that the two of them will be head to head. Nope. Instead, Colton talks Alicia into eliminating the strongest member of the team and putting the women at a disadvantage. I know see Colton’s strategy. Instead of bringing his game up to match the superior players, he gets rid of the best players to lower the game to his level — which in my opinion is pretty low. Of all the seasons of Survivor, he is the character I like least. Even characters like Johnny Rotten and Russell had some redeeming qualities. I can also say that the cast of characters around him this season (men and women) are not very smart. Have they watched this show before? Someone tells you that you’re going to be the next person voted out and you don’t try to strengthen your alliance or make a case to keep your strongest tribal players. I’ll put money down right now to the fact that even if Colton makes it to the final three, and that’s a big if, he will not win this season. Sorry to see you go Monica, you deserved better.

  11. I couldn’t believe it….I thought I seen every stupid move there could be…Where the hell did these guys come from…I lost all respect for them on this one….Just waiting for Colton to get his due….What an asshole…

  12. Week #4 Recap: Wow! It’s hard to believe a bunch of grown men would follow Colton. To purposely weaken your team for a personal grudge. No one stood up for Bill. I’m routing for the women the rest of the way! They’ve had their moments as well, but I can’t route on a bunch of guys that follow a personality like Colton’s. And what about Greg Smith? I’ll say it again, wow!

  13. Recap Wk#3 – Was anyone else out there annoyed with this week’s episode? Men – don’t let the women come over for fire and warmth when they won’t share any of their resources. Men – why are you following Colton? He readily admitted that he’s establish a relationship (at least in his eyes) with the women and that he prefers to be with them. Do you really believe he isn’t going to offer you guys up at the merge? Also, he hasn’t done a damn thing for the men since day one. Men, you deserve what you get… Matt (Gary & Linda), the “rooster” has left the hen house. His departure also eliminated three more u-pick entries for Shan, Theresa and Dave.

  14. Yeah, I think the young chick alliance is so screwed. Kat is totally useless.
    Colton will be around awhile, cuz the guys probably won’t be going to tribal for awhile.

  15. Week #2 Recap: Goodbye Nina. After just two weeks, you can see how the ladies are shaping up and its not good. The young girl alliance has been formed and they’re apparently sticking to it. I think it was a mistake getting rid of Nina but it wasn’t much of a surprise. As for the men, Colton is soooo annoying. Big deal, you have an idol. First chance I had I’d make him us it and/or send him home. He has done absolutely nothing to contribute to his tribe. He’s crying because he doesn’t fit in and then he thinks he in charge of the game because one of the women had to give up an immunity idol. Can’t wait for him to go.

  16. Week #1 Recap: Well, we had our first look at this season’s survivors. There is no doubt that this cast was chosen for the drama. It’s going to be one of those seasons. I’m Feelin’ bad for Kourtney. On top of breaking her wrist in a couple of places, she’s also the one sent home first. Not to mention it eliminates three individual picks and lottery draws for Lori and Diane.

  17. Are you —– me I got the MIDGET!!!!!!!!Oh well misery loves company at least I have my pal Nancy to share the little guy with….


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