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Season 20


  1. What a great season to get a team that sets the record for the most amount of 1st place finishes 🙂

  2. I’m seeing Gary’s name a lot. What’s up with that? Is this thing fixed?
    Congrats, Gary.
    Till next season

  3. Recap Week #11 (Finale) – Well, you have to give it up for Dave and Rachel. They not only won this season’s race, but have the distinction for the most amount of first place wins of any team. I had my doubts when they missed the last roadblock. Second place Art and J.J. (Theresa) and third place Brendon and Rachel (Marylee) both placed points on the board. Vanessa & Ralph (Mary) were so close. Unfortunately, the ankle injury slowed them down too much running for chickens. Kudos to her for sticking with it and completing the challenge anyway.

  4. Linda,
    Agreed. I can’t stand watching people cry over every little thing. You’re participating in a game, first and foremost, and an opportunity of a life time. It’s not like you’ve never seen the Amazing Race.
    — gmsc

  5. waaah…..I can’t shave my head. I need my hair to be pretty.
    Please, do not let them win!
    And I thought there was going to be a cat fight on the mat!

  6. Recap Week #10 – Well, the boys from Kentucky just could not make up the time from their last place finish to avoid elimination. I was pulling for them when they performed the Fast Forward, but it just wasn’t enough. Brendon and Rachel could have easily finished in first place this week with $10,000 each. All she had to do was shave her head. Rachel — you can buy a lot of $500 extension for $10,000. Anyway, it all comes to a close in next week’s finale.

  7. Recap Week #9 – Dave & Rachel finish first again this week. They seem to be on a roll of late. Knocking off the dance challenge the first time out helped a lot. However, on the other side of the equation, Mark & Bopper are struggling big time! I’m guessing they won’t make it out of the next round.

  8. Recap Week #8 – Congratulations to Mark and Bopper. Almost eliminated in week #4, they’ve slowly climbed all the way to the number one spot this week — bad leg and all. Only Mark and Bopper seem to be neutral in the tension growing between the teams. Sorry Linda but Nary and Jamie were just too far behind and not moving fast enough to stay in the race. Vanessa and Ralph were lucky to survive the u-turn. We’re making our way closer to the final three and next week’s first place finishers will get points.

  9. Recap Week #7 – Even though I have Dave & Rachel, this week’s first place finishers, I was really pulling for Mark & Bopper to cross the line first. I have to had it to these two. They’ve worked their way back from a non-eliminating last place finish to 2nd place. Unlike most of the other teams, they’ve done it without a lot of bickering. I also have to give it up to Art & J.J. They made a big mistake traveling this week and still managed to finish the last challenge and place third. The drama between Rachel and Vanessa is a little bit hard to stomach. You’d think adults could control themselves better than what we’re seeing. Hopefully the “African Experience” will raise some good will among the participants.

  10. Recap Week #6 – The lesson from this week is that if you go for the “Fast Forward” and do not complete it first, you go to the back of the pack. That was the case with Joey and Danny and as a result, they went home this week. You have to give it to Art & JJ. They finished 2nd only to Dave and Rachel completing the “Fast Forward”. It appears these two guys are solid and most likely the two to beat next week.

  11. Recap Week #5 – For the 3rd straight week Art and J.J. (Theresa) captured first place and this week, Theresa earns points for their finish. They look like a really tough team to beat. I found myself pulling for Mark and Bopper (Shannon). These guys seem to get along really well and overcame the extra challenge to stay in the race. It seems like every season a couple of teams run into a roadblock that they just struggle with. This week Nary and Jamie struggled with the “gnome curling” but luckily for them, Kerri and Stacy couldn’t overcome their navigation problems and were eliminated from the race.

  12. Recap Week #3/4 – Art and JJ (Theresa) have been on a tear the last two weeks finishing in the points on week #3 and winning the fast forward in week #4. Meanwhile Dave & Rachel had a complete meltdown in week #3. They didn’t complete any of their challenges and had to use their Express Pass to just stay in the game. They did, however, make it back into third place by the end of week #4. Mark and Bopper were saved in week #4 by finishing last in a non-elimination round. They actually made decent time after missing the initial flight. We’ll have to see if they can make the most of the opportunity. Brendon and Rachel, well this team is a time bomb waiting to explode. I think that Rachel has cried in all four episodes so far and any stress between them brings threats of quitting. I don’t see them finishing in the final three. There was a nice gesture by Art & JJ to split the $10,000 won on the 4th leg of the race with Mark and Bopper. You don’t see that often.

  13. Recap Week#2 – Shannon already has her eye on Joey & Danny (Steven). Both challenges this week they needed help to finish and in both cases left the team they were helping behind. Not very cool. A surprise 3rd place finish for Mark and Bopper (Shannon). They cruised through the solar cooking challenge. Unfortunately, the clowns, Dave and Cherie (Keith) were eliminated. Math skills did them in. A second 1st place finish for Dave & Rachel (Gary) — next week’s first pace finisher is for points. Good luck everyone!

  14. Recap Week #1 – It’s always sad to be the first one out, but to go out when you were so close … Misa and Maiya (Stephanie) only had to turn around to be at the finish line. Sorry to say that you’ve been eliminated. On a more positive note, Dave & Rachel (Gary) captured the first place category for week one and picked up the Express Pass. A good start to the race!


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