And So It Goes

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Season 21


  1. Yay for karma!
    I really thought I was going to see the chippendales on the mat.
    Exciting finale. good ending.

  2. Final – I can’t believe it! Josh and Brent did it at the end. I didn’t even think they would make it into the final three, yet when all was said and done they crossed the finish line first! A good race. Keith, Steve, Mary and Stephanie receive points in that order.

  3. Week #10 Recap – Well, the twins were saved this week. My prediction for the final double episode … The twins will get enough momentum to (at least) pass the Josh & Brent. The B. Boys just move at a slower speed than the rest of the pack. I predict they are eliminated in the first hour. Team Jaymes & James will pressure Trey and Lexi, but ultimately I predict Trey & Lexi, 1st, Jaymes & James, 2nd, Twins, 3rd, Beakman 4th. One double episode to go and we’ll know the answer!

  4. Week #9 Recap – Well, the remaining teams have worked together to eliminate Abbie and Ryan this week. I have to wonder if they could have overcome the Beekman Boys if they continued to race hard instead of “giving up” when they ran into flight issues. I never would have thought that the Beekman Boys would have made it this far, however, I think the rest of the teams believe that they would be less of a threat than Abbie and Ryan. I agree. Congratulations to our winners Keith, Mary, Stephanie and Steven. All that remains is the final placements, but have will be on the points board.

  5. Week #8 (part 2) Recap – Well, no passport, no race. I think that about says it all. We’re down to five teams left. Assuming another team is eliminated next week, the board will have the survivors into the points category.

  6. Week #7 (part 1) Recap – Well, the Beekman Boys are really struggling this week. Those poor swimmers. They’ve been in the pool all day with the racers. I was surprised to see Ryan and Abbie waiting for the Beekmans. I don’t get this decision to go together. Can they both get on the map at exactly the same time? James and Mark are there without passports. First lesson, always keep your passport on you. However, CBS’ trickery leads us to believe they’re not going to find their passports before the end of this leg of the race. I’m not so sure. No elimination this week. In fact, we don’t really know who’s in last place. We’ll have to see how it all turns out on Sunday.

  7. Said right from the beginning that I didn’t like them. This just reinforces it. And makes them not just annoying, but also low life thieves. And for Trey and Lexi to just go along with them, disgusting.
    If the judges don’t take care of it, karma will.

  8. Week #6 Recap – Alright, is there anyone else out there that believes that Trey, Lexi and the sisters should have been penalized for stealing James & Mark’s money? What a low life thing to do. It would have been bad enough just to leave it there without telling them, but to actually take it … The Amazing Race rules committee really needs to revamp a few things! Kudos to James & Mark for finishing strong. I also have to give kudos to the Beekman Boys. I can’t believe that they made into the next leg of the race … especially after a few set backs this week. Let’s hope karma prevails in the end!

  9. Week #5 Recap – The Beekman Boys were saved this week with a non-elimination round. I really like these guys but they just don’t move with enough urgency. I’m not sure they have enough speed to save themselves from elimination next week. James and Mark continue to look good as they finished first this week. Abbie and Ryan, as well as the sisters, stay competitive week in and week out. All three of these teams have a good shot at making it to the final leg of the race.

  10. I thought for sure that this would be a non elimination week. They deserved to be eliminated, like you said, no many mistakes. Plus, I didn’t like the big guys attitude.
    C’mon, twinnie. If I h

  11. Recap Week #4 – Well, I’ve been saying it for a couple of weeks now and this week, the race finally caught up to Gary and Will. Just too many mistakes to avoid being eliminated this week. Had they not had to return on the boat and come back, they might have survived to race again next week but … Has anyone else noticed that there hasn’t been a non-elimination round yet this season? I was also surprised that several of the teams arriving at the fast forward first chose not to take it. I don’t understand that. I mean, it eliminates a second challenge all together. For me, the surprise of the week was Josh and Brent. They don’t move very fast in comparison to the many of the other teams, but they seem to be methodical and they’re not penalized for failing to follow instructions. As long as they can continue along this vein, they just might be able to make it to the final four.

  12. Week #3 Recap – This is one of the few times I’ve actually seen Shannon and Marylee cheering against a team. Caitlin & Brittney were just down right rude to the taxi drivers and after a while, even I found myself routing against them. Have a little respect for your fellow man, especially when you’re visiting their country. Goodbye girls …

  13. Week #2 Recap – I could call this episode, “Death by Taxi”. It’s unfortunate that Amy & Daniel (my team) had to be eliminated because of the taxi situation. I know, its how the game goes, but they hadn’t struggled with any of the challenges up to this point (unlike Will who couldn’t tie a balloon or Rob and Kelly taking a flight with a four hour layover). They probably should have gotten out of the taxi much sooner and found someone else. Sad to see them go. Last week I called out Amy & Daniel, Gary & Will, and Team Beekman as the weak teams. One was sent home. One finished last and Team Beekman didn’t move very far from the back of the pack. Going into week three, its about time for a non-elimination round, so I doubt we’ll see anyone else get sent home next week.

  14. Week #1 Recap – Not a bad kickoff episode last night. My first impressions? For beginners, we saw two examples of exactly why you should not help out another team. Example #1: Amy & Daniel pointed out where the ladies where and as a ‘thank you’ the team they told, literally passed them just seconds before they reached the finish line. Example #2: James & Jaymes were told where the ladies were by Trey & Lexi and as a result James & Jaymes literally passed up Rob & Sheila seconds before the finish line clinching the last safe spot. I’ve said it in seasons past and I’ll say it again, each team should have to complete their challenges without help from the other teams. Shannon is pulling for Josh & Bret right out of the gate. However, my first impression is that they’re not moving with enough urgency. I think they’ll be going home soon. Amy and Daniel … I think they have a lot of heart, but ultimately I think they (plus Gary & Will) will not make it to the final three. They may not leave right away, but … To early to tell about the rest of the teams. Once there is some stress added to the equation, we’ll be able to see which teams work well and which do not. They’re off and racing!


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