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S25 – Philippines


  1. Finale – A pretty good finish to the season. How many people thought Malcolm had this in the bag? Personally, I think THE ONLY way that Michael had a CHANCE to win was to bring both Denise and Malcolm to the finals. This may have split the votes with the jury and allowed him to be in the running. Otherwise, it was either Malcolm or Denise all the way.

    We did not have u-pick winner this season so the points flow over to the next season (26). Since there is no clear cut second and third place, we’re combining the two point totals and splitting it evenly. However, Steven and I are monitoring the Survivor site to ensure that the remaining votes aren’t posted online. If nothing shows up in the next couple of days, we’re finalize second and third place. Congratulations to this season’s winners!

  2. Week #13 – It’s down to the final four. All remaining contestants will be on the board, its just a matter of who places where. Personally, I’m pulling for Denise. I don’t have a horse in this race but she has been to every tribal council and survived (at least up to this point). She’s done it without an idol and she’s done it without a lot of back stabbing and drama. Abi … well I thought they might keep her around to sit in front of the jury but I was glad to see they spared Denise. I believe the jury will have a very tough decision to make if Lisa is voted off. I think all of the other three could make a valid case for why they should win. Lisa, well just too much drama for me and I don’t really think she’s been as strategic as she believes she’s been. Good luck everyone and we’ll see the results on Sunday!

  3. Week #12 – We’re getting down there folks! Unfortunately Carter was eliminated this week taking Shannon and I out of the game. In good shape are Nancy and Mary, both with two players left. Michael and Malcolm are the players that look like they have a really good shot. It seems that Lisa and Abi will be safe because everyone wants to sit next to those two in the final three. That leaves Denise. I love Denise and I hope she wins, but I think she may be in the cross hairs next. Unless she wins immunity ….

  4. Week #10 Recap – Well, it’s Thanksgiving morning, so in the spirit of the holiday I’m only going to say to Abi, “What comes around, goes around.” I’ve been watching the show all season and trust me, it’s not a cultural thing. Pete, “What comes around, goes around.” You were dishonest and caused a bunch of chaos early on. Sometimes karma is a bitch, you know …

  5. Week #9 Recap – Well, this episode continued to revolve around Lisa. I agree with Linda, the whole segment between Lisa and Jonathon discussing the stress on childhood actors was a bit of melodrama that I could do without seeing. Smart move on Penner’s part, but painful for the rest of us to watch. Then, when it came right down to it, it was Michael that was the deciding vote, not Lisa. Why Artis? Why not Abi who has been down right mean to people or Pete, her side kick? Why not try to flush out the idol Abi has instead of letting her hold it and use it when they know they have to get her out? A lot of moves that don’t make much sense to me. However, as it stands at the end of this episode, Malcolm is looking good. He still has an idol. He’s contributed to the tribe and to the challenges. He’s in the majority alliance and he can make the case that he deserves to win. Personally, I’m pulling for Denise. This lady is a rock!

  6. Week #8 Recap – Pretty exciting tribal council tonight. I wasn’t sure who was going home. Unfortunately, Jeff’s number was called. I think Lisa might have sealed her fate tonight. Although, it looks like several people are in danger next week … it will be a good week to have the idol. At tribal, it was also revealed that R.C. was our first member of jury, therefore Mary and Diane pickup the category for last person to be voted out before the jury (which was Katie). That brings us down to nine left …

  7. Week #7 Recap – The big news this week was the merge. We had our first category winner. For first individual immunity, Denise (Bob/Erin) was awarded the first necklace. Unfortunately for Shannon and I, Jeff and Carter couldn’t come to an agreement earlier. The victim of the week was R.C. — to be honest, I had no clue who was actually going home this week. After tribal council, I think its safe to say that many alliances could be changing next week. That makes Malcolm the only one with a hidden immunity, so individual immunity will be pretty import while alliances realign. Should be interesting …

  8. Week #6 Recap – Last week, with the loss of Dana and the tribal council, Katie was worried that her head would be on the chopping block. Well, after another poor showing in the challenge, she was right. I don’t think the tribe had any other option as she appeared to be the logical choice. What a bust the reward challenge was! I can’t remember any season where both tribes quit on a challenge. I’ll bet we don’t see this that challenge come up again. What about trading all your rice for a single meal? I think that decision is going to come back to haunt them.

  9. Week #5 Recap – A lot of change this week. The struggling tribe of two was absorbed by the two undefeated tribes, but not before Malcolm acquired the immunity idol. Did anyone else think that Denise got the raw end of that deal? Then Dana bowed out of the game. Had she been able to stay in just one more day, she could have saved her tribe the loss of an extra member, but it appears she had enough. Then it was a loss at the challenge, which ended up being much closer than it appeared it would be in the beginning. The result was Dawson being sold up the creek. I have to admit that Denise has been one of the strongest female competitors I’ve seen in a long time. I’m glad the tribe decided to keep her. Here is my question … We’re always told that you can’t sit out back to back challenges. Yet, last week all of the girls (including Abi) sat out. This week, Abi sat out again. Shouldn’t she have been forced to play and one of the guys sit out? I’m glad Jeff mentioned her lack of participation, but I think he missed the call on this one.

  10. Week #4 Recap – Fourth week, fourth loss for the same tribe, and with no surprise, Russell was eliminated. Russell was also the first u-pick candidate to be eliminated. I a couple of words, too much drama. Everyone hates to lose, but throwing things around and complaining doesn’t do anything, except possibly seal your fate as the next to go. In my opinion, he should feel lucky wasn’t eliminated earlier.

  11. Week #3 Recap: No real big surprises this week. Since they sent home Roxy last week, they proved just how much weaker the team has gotten by keeping Angie. She should have been voted off last week. Can you hear that? That … tick tock … tick tock …? It’s Russell’s clock and its running out fast! Three straight weeks he’s been saved. Unless he is lucky enough to merge, one more loss from their tribe and he’ll be sent packing. I can’t imagine there will be three teams much longer so IF he can make it one more week he might be able to stay in the game a little longer. Its a big if though.

  12. Week #2 Recap – Congratulations to Theresa. She has been eliminated from the board this week in just two episodes. I think that might be a first! Roxy got a little loud and as a result, she was sent packing. Although, she was right on track with Angie. I don’t think this move helped the tribe in anyway. Additionally, Russell put himself back on the hotspot as “the couple” will probably not vote against each other. I think this tribe is pretty much done for.

  13. Boy….by the skin of my teeth I just got by with Russell but I don’t think that is going to last…or my other one, Lisa….she is alienating herself….not a good year for me.
    What about Jeff with that bum knee….he should partner up with Michael….maybe they could be on fire duty…..

  14. Week #1 Recap: So what was your first impressions of this season’s cast? My first impression is that Michael better have some pretty good insurance! This guy has already cut his hand, his foot and his head in just the first episode. I think he could give my father a run for his money! Zane, you should know that almost every single survivor contestant that has said “I deserve to go home” is sent home. Dumb move on your part, although I’m sure Russell Swan is breathing a sigh of relief. It’s a good thing Russell doesn’t want to be the leader or he might come off as a little bossy, eh. I like the three teams to start off. Already people have formed alliances so I think the three teams will keep those “beginning of the game” alliances smaller and give a little more excitement as the teams merge.


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