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S26 – Caramoan


  1. Recap – Finale: In my opinion, Cochran was a hands-down choice for the winner of this season. As self-proclaimed biggest fan, he now has one more notch to add to his Survivor trophy case. Does anyone else think he would be a good successor for Jeff Probst?

    On our board, congratulations to Jimmy and Anita. First time players and they ended up winning first place. Not a bad start! Brenda and Eddie were the last two members voted off from each original tribe. As no votes for second or third place were revealed for Dawn or Sherri (in fact Jeff had indicated that Dawn didn’t receive a vote in the after show) we’ve split the winning for these two categories … Bob placed for second and third place with Shannon and Mary picking up the other two slots. Brenda was the last person to ask a question on jury and Malcolm picked up fan favorite. No u-pick winner for the second season in row so 100 points will roll over to the next season.

    Steven and I will be distributing winning out sometime over the next the week. Thanks for the great season and we’ll see you again in September.

  2. Recap Week #12 – Double elimination this week. We have to start with Andrea. Cochran had the ear of the remaining group and once Andrea mentioned Dawn and Brenda and followed that up with saving Eddie, well, her fate was sealed … assuming she didn’t play the idol. Next to go was Reynold. He was just too big a threat in the challenges, not to mention he has a lot of support sitting over there on the jury. This week we have two episodes (Wednesday and Sunday) to wrap it all up!

    —- gmsc

  3. Recap Week #11 – Two critical moves this week to send Malcolm home. First, Cochran’s purchase at the auction gave him a big advantage in the challenge and it resulted in another individual immunity. This was big because it was his name that male alliance was throwing out there as who to go after next. Malcolm, trying to keep his streak going, purchase a clue for the hidden immunity idol at the auction. This may have saved him from the chopping block this week. However, Andrea and Cochran foiled his plans by seeking him out and tailing him as he searched for the idol. Personally, I think I would have continued to look with Andrea watching, just knowing how important the idol was to his survival. Let’s face it, the group of three are the minority and even if they found the idol and won the immunity challenge, one of them is still vulnerable at the vote. It doesn’t look good for Reynold or Eddie unless they can win an immunity and/or find the idol … which I wouldn’t be surprised to see Andrea searching for next week.

  4. Recap Week #10 – Cochran was dead on this week … great tribal council! I really didn’t believe that Malcolm was going to give up the 2nd immunity idol. Initially, when he pulled it out before the vote, I thought it was a bad move because it would allow Team Phillip to discuss the alternative person to vote out. Then, it seemed to make a little more sense to draw out another potential member for the three guy alliance. Equally surprising is that even with the three guys all potentially safe, Team Phillip still voted for them. In the end, even though I am not a supporter of Phillip, I’m not sure he is the person I would have sent home. I mean, he seems to be the person that could get the most amount of people to vote for him (i.e. Eric, Andrea, etc.) at the next tribal council. Was Phillip really running the team? What do you think? Now that he’s gone, it should be interesting to see if the alliance continues to band together, who will be calling the shots and who defects. Maybe “Crazy Dawn” would have been a better choice. She did betray Malcolm in the previous vote and it was pretty evident that she’s staying in her original alliance. Very entertaining episode this week.

  5. Recap Week #9 – What a backhanded move this week by Malcolm. Not only does he avoid using his idol, he talks Reynold into giving his up and then votes for him to boot. This may have been a bad move because Malcolm no longer seems to be with his tribe. We’ll have to see how that pans out. What do you think about Dawn’s game this season? I think its safe to say that she is firm in her given alliance. Unfortunately, Michael was the target tonight. As he was indicated as the first member of the jury, that means that Corrine (Jim & Lori) won the category for last voted off before the jury.

  6. Recap Week #8 – I loved the Mike Tyson quote this week … “Everyone has a plan until you get punched in the face”. Corrine was punched in the face this week. She tried to put herself into the position to turn on the group and she told one too many people. Sherri was saved once again. I’m happy for Cochran winning his first individual immunity challenge and it also puts Jimmy and Anita on the family board for the first time. I wouldn’t mind seeing Cochran go all the way, but I wouldn’t go out to eat with him. I almost got sick just watching this week’s challenge. I’m glad that moved away from this as a regular event.

  7. Recap Week #7 – Another episode of the “Philip Diaries”. In this edition, Philip explains to everyone how he is strongest member of the tribe and is the cause of two challenge losses. But, in typical Philip style, he tells Cockran that he intentionally lost the challenge … yeah, ok. What bothered me the most was the tribal council. Instead of the two fans sticking together and voting for one person, most likely Philip being the best selection, they voted for each other! What could have been a three-way tie … I really don’t understand why they’re keeping Philip. Luckily the tribes will be merging.

  8. Recap Week #6 – Sometimes a realignment or merge helps and sometimes it doesn’t. In Matt’s case it was the latter. Overall, I think the realignment actually hurt the fans overall. If they could have evened out the numbers a little more, they would have had more of a fighting chance. Its hard to believe Philip is still in the game yet. He must be using that special training to evaluate his moves 🙂

  9. Recap Week #5 – Does anyone have the phone number for Dr. Phil? Doctor, I think one of your patients has gotten loose! Total meltdown for Brandon. He can say whatever he wants to say, but this was his way of quitting the game. In my opinion, the most disgraceful exit in all of Survivor history.

    I don’t like all of this “throwing” challenges and “quitting” that’s been going on. I feel that if you quit the game then you’re done … no coming back on the reunion show and getting a second shot in another season. There are a lot of people who would kill for the opportunity to be on this show. Especially if you’re returning to the game for a second time … you know what you’re getting into. I did a lot of head shaking watching this episode.

  10. Recap Week #4 – Another tough week for the fans. First they lose Shamar. Granted, he was a big body in the challenges, but who would want to put up with all of that crap at camp? He wanted people to serve him his meals in the shelter and not contribute at all? Alright, his injury was validated by the medical team, but I don’t think he would have made it much longer either way. He’s been talking about quitting since day 2. Luckily for me, another poor showing at the immunity challenge by Laura and Sherri finally allowed Reynold and Eddie to make their case that by eliminating them, they’re just weakening the team. What really surprised me is that Sherri ended up voting for Laura. Overall, I think it was the best thing they could have done in their situation. I hope they get their act together and win an immunity challenge. Looks like Brandon has a meltdown in the next episode … A lot of egos on that favorites team.

  11. Recap Week #3 – When all Hope is gone … The fans lost their second immunity challenge this week and the second member of the original two couples was voted off. Was it just me or was everyone else hoping the Shamar would throw in the towel? In my mind the jury is still out as to if he was brilliant in gathering support or if he really does want to quit. I guess we’ll have to wait on see on that front. In either case, he garnered enough support to send Hope home. Simply due to the fact that the other two are men and stronger candidates to help them win challenges against the favorites, they live to see another week … at least one more anyways.

  12. Recap Week #2 – Well, the fans lost immunity this week after a super poor showing while releasing rings in the water. As a result, one of the couples was broken up — Allie was sent packing. Unfortunately for Marylee, she’s been eliminated from the board in just two weeks. Jim Wheeler makes his first debut on the board with the loss of Allie. I’m not all that impressed with Brandon. He accused Phillip of being crazy, but I have to say, I think Phillip was right on the mark — Brandon is loose cannon. In fact, I think there are a lot of loose cannons on the favorite’s side. Early on I’m pulling for the fans, less Shamar. I think his lack of ambition to do anything around camp will eventually catch up with him. I hope its before my last player, Reynold, gets the axe.

  13. Recap Week#1 – First impressions ..? Second verse, same as the first. For me, I pretty much knew when I drew Francesca that I wouldn’t have long. At least this way Marylee and I get a couple of points! I think Gota (the fans) are really at a disadvantage even though they won the first immunity challenge. Big mistake on the part of the two couples … that’s not going to end well. Unfortunately for me, I have Reynold as my second pick. Looks like it might turn out to be a good season.


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