And So It Goes

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Season 22


  1. Finale – Caroline and Jennifer were in it to the end, but the swimming in the channel did them in and allowed just enough time for Mona & Beth to sneak into the final three. All of the teams struggled in the serving challenge, but Mona and Beth just couldn’t catch up at that point. In the end, Bates and Anthony made up some serious time when they found the “secret case” and it was all over from there.

    Congratulations to the Diane, Theresa and Nancy for their top three finishes. After some discussion with my partner in crime (Steven), we decided that although Chuck and Wynona’s last place finish in week #5 was not a true “non-elimination” round, they were saved because of David & Connor leaving the game. Since only two non-elimination rounds occurred this year, instead of the typical three, it was decided that the final non-elimination spot would go to Chuck and Wynona.

    Thank you every one for playing. It was a pretty good season.

  2. Recap Week #8/9 – I think it was just a matter of time before Chuck and Wynona came to a physical challenge that would put Wynona to the test and on week #8, they came up against two. The minute I saw the hill (during the cheese challenge), I knew Wynona was going to have a problem. Although I didn’t anticipate them “rolling” the cheese down the hill, it cost them a 30 minute penalty and they were eliminated from the race.

    On week #9, the hockey players ran into problems. After having a pack stolen on the train (luckily he had his passport on him) they ran into problems with a broken letter. Mona and Beth, however, ran into direction issues and it came down to a footrace at the finish. However, Mona and Beth had the opportunity to keep racing as this was a non-elimination round. Nancy places on the board for the first time of the new season. Off to Scotland next week.

  3. Recap Week #7 – Is anyone else wondering what happened to Pam & Winnie? They started off in second place, had no major problems with any of the challenges (except the last one … I’ll get to that in a second) finished in last place. Two teams received speeding tickets and both passed Pam & Winnie across the finish line. But talk about completed meltdown! To begin with, changing challenges is a major time suck. When they decided to do this, they should have really been concentrating on the task at hand. Instead, they’re taking their time through on the horses, having light conversation … uuuggh! Second shot at the challenge, the only thing they did different was to put the bird tile above the hippo tile … uuuggh. Then they end up switching back to the do the original challenge to begin with. Unfortunately, after two weeks of non-elimination, we all knew what was going to happen to whomever crossed the finish line last. Yet Max & Katie got lost, had a speeding ticket, smashed the rental, struggled on the boat and still managed to survive another leg of the race.

  4. Recap Week #6 – Chuck and Wynona made a nice leap to move out of last place with the help of a “snare trap” challenge. Max and Katie, however, dropped to the bottom of the pack. Luckily for them, we had our first official non-elimination round and they were saved. Theresa gets onto the board with this category. Unfortunately, many people didn’t get a chance to see the show as CBS had some serious feed issues Sunday night. One thing is for sure, whomever finished in last next week will almost definitely be eliminated.

  5. Recap Week #5 – David and Connor reached their limit this week and immediately went to mat, leaving the race for medical attention. As a result, Chuck and Wynona came in last after being U-Turned. Now would tonight have been a non-elimination round if David and Connor had not quit? We’ll note it and if we don’t have three non-elimination rounds yet to come, we’ll use this to fill one of the categories.

  6. Recap Week #4 – “Oy Vey!” Phil summed this one up. Jessica and John, especially John, made some really bad decisions on this leg of the race and where sent home with the express pass in hand. I disagreed with switching challenges, but even with that mistake, when you arrived at the beach, saw another team there and didn’t know what you where looking for … use the pass! Jessica kept telling him to use it. Bad decisions cost them. Connor did another one of the challenges allowing his dad to limp across the finish line. I lost a little respect for him based on the way he used the girls to figure out what board he should have chosen though. In the end, the tasks have to be split fairly evenly so David and Connor are taking a big gamble by having Connor do all of these challenges. I don’t see how his father could have done all of those stairs. I’ll stick with my comments from last week, sooner or later David will have to do something physical and its going to cost them.

  7. Recap Week #3 – This week was a continuation week so there was no “last place” team as of yet. You have to give it to David and Connor for crossing the finish line first, but it cost them to do it and they’re still racing! Personally, I don’t think I would have used the Express Pass on the fishing challenge. Understanding that they’re going to be at a big disadvantage on a physical challenge that David has to perform, I think I would have taken my chances trying to catch a fish. I think they’ll keep racing, but it doesn’t look very promising for them in the long run.

  8. Recap Week #2 – It seems to me that you have to know your limitations. The twins knew they weren’t good swimmers and they had trouble holding their breath, why not do the table setting challenge first? Instead they wasted a huge amount of time. I’m also disappointed in this “Let’s take the penalty” strategy. Three the first week and the twins considered it right off the bat. Folks, you know what you’re getting into. So what do you think, are the father and son going to make it through the next leg of the race?

  9. Recap Week #1 – Pretty good challenges to start the race off. Does anyone else remember a time when three teams decided to not complete a challenge and take the four hour penalty? In my opinion, if I were Matt & Daniel, knowing that you’re last, I would have turned back and continued to look for the clue. Four hours is a lot of time. But … our first team eliminated is Matt & Daniel and Stephanie if the first name on our board.


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