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S27 – Blood vs Water


  1. Finale – Well we finished the season with Tyson, Monica and Gervase sitting together at the end. Ultimately, Tyson won easily. The only other vote was for Monica, as our board pronounced her the second place winner. Congrats to Diane and Erin for winning the U-Pick category. Although Erin shares the category with Diane, she is the only person to win both times! We clear the board and prepare for the next season, Braun, Brains and Beauty.

  2. Week #9/#10 Recap – A little bit of catch up is in order. Last week, as there was no dual at Redemption Island, we saw two people head to tribal council, Vytas and Tina. This week, our dual saw Aras go down and he was eliminated, making him the first member of the jury. Monica was the individual immunity and individual reward winner. She then asked Jeff to allow the tribe to eat instead of her. She claims it was her maternal instinct. I think it was because she didn’t want to show her alliance … of course, I’m not really sure what that alliance would be. In the end, I don’t think it gets her any further along in the game. This brings me to my next point. What makes the girls think that Tyson and guys are going to bring any of them to the final three? All of them have had their names written down at tribal council at one time or another. Why didn’t they work together to try and vote out Tyson or one of the other guys? They didn’t even entertain the idea. The previews indicate the possibility of a blindside of Tyson. However, I’m more apt to believe that one of the remaining girls are going home. We’ll have to wait and see.

  3. Week #8 Recap – A lot of action this week. Starting at Redemption Island, Laura B. and John loose the challenge to Laura M. As a result, Laura M. returns to the game and the other two are sent home. The tribes merge and once again the immunity idol clue is burned. I don’t get that at all, but Tyson loves it. He took the initiative to look for the idol on his own and was rewarded. The winner of the first individual immunity was Vytas (Anita / Erin). So far, Erin has taken three of the first four categories on the board. Alliances where very complicated to follow this week. I really wasn’t sure who is on what alliance or who was going to Redemption Island. In the end it was Aras. Truth be told, he has a decent chance at making it back to the game if he continues to complete like he has to date. I’m not sure if the Redemption Island format reverts back to three people or two at this point, we’ll have to wait and see. Keep an eye on Monica. She’s a snake in the grass and Tyson is running this game up to this point.

  4. Week #6/7 Recap: For two consecutive weeks, the new tribe (pretty much headed by Tina) where sent to Tribal Council. Last week Kat was voted off because she tried to break up the “all-female” alliance and this week Laura B was sent packing because she announced the group’s decision to vote off Aras. Was the later move enough to warrant being voted off? I don’t think so, but that’s what Tina’s girls wanted to do. Aras has been lucky to skate by this long. Brad and Kat where both eliminated from Redemption Island. According to the previews, next week will bring about the merge and return a player from Redemption Island. It should be interesting …

  5. Recap Week #4/5 – Well, a lot can happen in two weeks. Marissa was eliminated at Redemption Island by Candice and John. The newbies continued their loosing ways and once again headed to tribal council. I think the big mistake was then made by Brad. During Jeff’s questioning, he mentioned that those without partners are less likely to make it to the end and Caleb took this opportunity to declare his intention to vote off Brad, which ultimately became what happened. Now, as the tension has been rising between Candice and Brad, this must have been a very awkward evening at Redemption Island. However, it was finally Brad that knocked Candice out and sent her home. Finally, the veterans lost their first challenge and I really assumed that Laura B. was headed home. Nope. It turned out that Laura M. was on the hit list in the hopes of knocking Brad out of the game. We have yet to see the reaction this causes from Monica, Brad’s wife.

  6. Recap Week #3 – Oh, Colton … I have to admit that one of my peeves is people who quit, especially contestants that return to the show. So many of the people voted off would love to switch places with Colton. Added to the fact that his exit on his last appearance was questionable. The surprise was John being voted off. I could see Katie or Ciera, even Brad because of the trust factor, but John? I don’t think this bodes well for the newbies. I don’t think they understand the value of having numbers going into the merge. However, with the absence of Colton, it keeps the tribe within striking distance of the newbies. What should be interesting next week is John and Candice going up against each other.

  7. Recap Week #2 – Wow. There are a lot of layers to this season. In addition to the return of Redemption Island, we have the whole “switch with your significant other” rule. This came into place this week as Rachel was voted off with the hope that Tyson would take her place. Of course, Rupert loses at Redemption Island, taking him out of the game. As expected, Colton is trying to stir up the tribe and has reverted to his brand of theatrics. Why he wasn’t the first person sent to Redemption Island is totally unknown to me. Hopefully, he’ll be the next to go!

  8. Recap Week #1 – Well, it was an interesting start to the new season. As we have a category for the first person to be voted off from each tribe, we actually can fill the first two categories with Laura B. (Jimmy and Shannon) and Candice (Erin and Teresa). Although Rupert switched places with his wife, it was Laura that was actually voted off. Therefore, Rupert was the first person sent to Redemption Island and Candice, the second. This gives Erin and Teresa a second category for evening. As no one has actually been eliminated from the game, no one is marked out on the board for week one. It should be interesting to see if the legend of Rupert lives up to the reality of Rupert. You have to give him kudos for giving his a wife a chance to play the game. We’ll see what happens next week.


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