And So It Goes

My random online scrapbook

Season 23


  1. Yup … plus I thought they did a great job helping others along the way. Of the final three, I was hoping they’d take it.
    — gmsc

  2. woo hoo!!!

    boy, did I call that wrong!
    They turned out to be a great team.

  3. Finale Week #11 – Jason & Amy not only finished the race in first place, they carried Travis & Nicole into the final three. The whole robot challenge just couldn’t be overcome by Leo & Jamal. Although I disagreed with how Travis interacted with his wife, there was truth to his words … Nicole really struggled in the last four challenges and had it not been for the help they received, they would have been out a while ago. Tim & Marie, not much too say there. I liked the whole 60/40 Race pre-race contract. Yeah, those two where good competitors, but maybe lacking a little on the social game. A good race though and now we wait until the next ‘all-star’ version coming in the spring.

  4. Recap Week #10 – This week was a tight race. Leo and Jamal where right in there on the egg cooking contest, but faltered in the end. Luckily for them (and Keith) this was a non-elimination round. As it appears there will not be a third non-elimination round, we will use the alternate category (last team eliminated before the final three) as a fall back. Remember, the first week that no one was sent home was a continuation round, not an elimination round. It should all be decided on next week’s finale.

  5. Recap Week #9 – Ally and Ashley had a jump on the two teams that missed the first train. Unfortunately, they just couldn’t put together when trying to feed the elephants. Why would you not take everything you needed instead of making two trips? Ultimately, the decision cost them and they were eliminated today. They may have had a chance Nicole didn’t get help from another team. It’s down to the final four next week.

  6. Recap #8 Recap – I was pulling for Nicky and Kim to move out of that last spot. However, Tim and Marie, especially Marie, had it in for the girls and u-turned them. This was too much for Nicky and Kim to overcome, along with the speed bump, and they were eliminated. Travis and Nicole decided to use their pass to boost them first to the u-turn, turning back Leo and Jamal. Eventually, this also had them crossing the pit stop line first and earned them each their choice of new vehicles. Initially, it looks like a great decision to use this pass this week. However, that puts everyone back on even footing for the next leg of the race.

  7. Week #7 Recap – Although Nicky & Kim tried to keep quiet where they picked up their figs, it wasn’t quite enough to keep them out of last place. Luckily for them (and for Shannon) this was a non-elimination round. This put Shannon on the board. I’m glad the girls didn’t get eliminated. I like the team and am pulling for them to get back into it. Things look pretty interesting next week with another double u-turn on the horizon. Someone is going to be mad but the end of the episode.

  8. Week #6 Recap – Poor Tim and Danny. Who knew that this season would require singing and dancing talents? Honestly, these two guys just don’t have these skill sets. I can’t help but wonder why they continue to choose those challenges. As result, they arrived last and where eliminated. Once again, Marie was stirring up the pot as she took Jason and Amy’s taxi. She certainly is burning a lot of bridges and some of these teams have been helping them along the way. Although they’re strong and crafty, they seem to struggle when the actually have to do a challenge by themselves. I think they’ll drop down to the middle of the pack next week.

  9. Week #4/#5 Recap – Well, we had a continuation from week #4 to week #5 and Brandon and Adam went from first place to last. The initial decision to leave the posing challenge to dance cost them some time and once they received the U-turn, it was enough to send them home. Tim and Marie where forced to use their Express Pass and gave away their second pass to Travis and Nicole. Although Travis and Nicole hadn’t used their pass, their finished second after Tim and Marie.

  10. Week #3 Recap – It’s unfortunate when a team is eliminated from no fault of their own. Chester and Ephraim just had a string of bad luck regarding delays and missed connections on their flights. I was hoping, for their sake, that this would be a non-elimination round, but when as we saw Phil appear in the airport to greet the guys as the stepped off the plane, you knew they were all done. Had it not been for the football players getting stuck in the airport, Tim and Marie would have been sent home last night with an unused Express Pass. Marie’s not making any friends and I think it might be their undoing down the road.

  11. Week #2 Recap – Well, Rowan & Shane had too many mistakes this week to overcome elimination. To their credit, they hustled to make up for getting the last train, but completely the entire challenge with the wrong shoe shine cart was too much to come back from. It seems like every season the show casts someone who is just the kind of person you wouldn’t want to race with. I believe its safe to say that Marie will take home that honor by the end of the season. I simply wouldn’t trust her. We’ll see what happens next week. I wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out to be a non-elimination round.

  12. Week #1 Recap – First week and there was a lot of miscues. The golden rule … read the clue carefully. In the end, it ended up costing Travis and Nicole a first place finish and almost eliminated Brandon and Adam. It looks like some competitive groups this time around. We’ll see what comes next week. I expect Brandon and Adam to rebound and Rowan and Shane to lose ground.


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