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S28 – Beauty, Brains, Brawn


  1. I don’t think Woo would have won no matter woo he picked……They would have voted for Tony or Kass because they played the game…. Woo had no moves during the entire season…

  2. Final Recap – Well, I was pulling for Spencer. I have to give him credit for lasting as long as he did. One win away from a million dollars, I think anyway. Survivor went back to the old school rules this season and played it out to a final two! Kass was the last to be voted off so she receives points for last brain tribe member voted off and 2nd runner up. This means that Trish receives points for being the last brawn voted off. Woo, obviously, receives first runner up. Do you think Woo could have won against Kass? I do. You have to admire traits like pride and integrity, but it costs … in this case, a million dollars. A good season. Thanks to all for participating.

  3. Week #12 Recap – We’re getting down to it now. I wasn’t surprised to see Trisha go this week. Tony could have saved her, but in the long run, it might help him more to have her on the jury. For my money, I’d cast my vote for Spencer. If he makes it to the end, I’d give him my vote over Tony. If Spencer is eliminated this week, I’d have to go with Tony. If anyone but Tony wins, we’ll have at least on u-pick winner!

  4. Week #10 Recap – Wow, time has really gotten away from me. LJ, Jeremiah and now Jefra. Tony continues to run this game and, at least in my mind, if he makes it to the finish, he deserves the money. It’s starting to get down there and new alliance are going to need to configured for the final three. Jefra was the last of Beauty tribe so Jimmy and Nancy get onto the points board.

  5. Week #7 Recap – This episode was the “I’m Kass and I’m in control” episode. Is she really all that? I don’t think so. Steven thinks she playing a good game. I think she is simply a means to eliminating the rest of her old alliance. I question how many votes she’s going to get from the jury … if … she happens to make it to the final. Personally, I think she’ll be voted off after the her original alliance is eliminated. But Morgan, why anyone would sit at tribal council and say she feels people should take care of her because she’s good looking. What a surprise that she was voted off. Next week’s preview shows a shake-up. We’ll have to see if this really materializes and if so, who lands where.

  6. Week #6 Recap – A lot of action this week. Woo is the first winner of an individual immunity so Jimmy and Stephanie are on the board. Now I know its easy to sit in judgement from home, but I just don’t see what Kass has to gain by voting off Sarah. She has lost support from her alliance (and probably votes in the end … if she makes it there) and she is most likely the first person out on the other side. What makes the vote even more foolish is that both idols were flushed out this week so Kass’ original alliance would have had easy pickings. In either case, she surprised Sarah, the first member of the jury, so Mike and Shannon are now on the board. Watch out Spencer … if I was on the other tribe I’d be looking at you next.

  7. I agree about the quitters, something has to be done to have it effect the game. So many thousands of people would love to play and to see someone quit because they cannot handle confrontation is just poor form. Hopefully they won’t let her sit at the finale…

  8. Week #4 & #5 Recap – Alot can happen in two week! We have to start with Tony. I have to give to Tony as he is really playing this game. He continued to work the group about Cliff and as a result, he was blindsided at tribal council. Directly following that, Lindsey call in Jeff after a blow out with Trish. Now, I’m not really a Trish fan, but I really hate it when people quit (or throw a challenge). I think they should implement a new rule that if someone quits, the previously voted off person can re-enter the game. That would really mix things up. Plus, most of the folks voted off really want to play the game. Moving onto week #5, Tony’s comments about “final five” without Sarah might have cost him in the end, as Sarah most definitely noticed it. He seems to be a pretty smooth talker though, so we’ll have to see. Jeremiah was setup by Tony (brilliant move) to throw doubt his way, but in the final moments it was Alexis who was blindsided. It should be interesting next week.

  9. Week #3 Recap – Another week and more of the same. The brains continue to look very bad in the challenges and once again J’Tai was the weak link. Finally, the tribe, or what’s left of it anyway, voted her off. Without Spencer, it would have been a slaughter (this week and last), yet still, his staying was not a foregone conclusion. Otherwise, I have to admit that I hate it when a team throws a challenge. It never works out in the end. Had it not been for the Brains tribe being so bad, Cliff would have been voted off. With the potential merging of the tribes next week, he might just have a fighting chance.

  10. Week #2 Recap – If I were a betting man, going into this week I expected the brains team to back at tribal council again. Ironically, the one remaining guy, Spencer, that is next on the chopping block, was the only reason the Brains avoid their third consecutive tribal council. However, once again, J’Tai was absolutely no help in the challenge. Unfortunately, for Brice, he was the one sent packing. Why? I don’t really get it. There are several women on that tribe that are not helping at all around camp. Next week should be interesting, but I’m still betting that the Brains are odds on favorites to return to the tribal council.

  11. Week #1 Recap: My initial thought is … brains my ass. Let’s start with David. It’s day one, you were just nominated leader of your group and you show absolutely no remorse in sending, possibly the strongest member to the wolves, all the while admitting that it was because it was too much of a threat. Garrett, on the other hand is the first to discover an immunity idol while waiting for his tribe to arrive. Then comes the pitiful performance at the first immunity challenge and, based solely on performance and camp ethic, you’d think J’Tai is the first to go … nope. Garrett exercises his personal vendetta on David and David is voted off. The second immunity challenge arrives and J’Tai is physically last in the swim, must be pushed over the cage, doesn’t untie a single basket and looses the largest lead in a puzzle that I can remember. So she’s a goner right? Nope, Garrett shoots off of his mouth at tribal council, multiple times, and he goes home with the idle back at camp. It’s pretty hard to believe that we won’t see this group back at the council fire next week. So much for the brains!


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