And So It Goes

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Season 24


  1. Finale Recap – Well, you have to hand to Dave & Connor (Shannon), although not a big fan, they earned 1st place. Jennifer and Caroline (Steven), they seemed really grateful to come in second place and they needed a lot of help to get there. Brendon & Rachel (Theresa) had a good run. I think they could have won in all, but they seemed to be frustrated out of the gate and once they got behind, well, that was that. Overall a pretty good season.

  2. Recap Week #11 – I have to admit that I was surprised to see Leo & Jamal go. It seems almost unfair that the girls have been saved twice by non-elimination rounds and once by the cowboys, yet they’re still racing while the cowboys and the animals are watching from the sidelines. We know Steven, Theresa and Shannon are in the final three places … nothing left but the finish!

  3. Week #7 – It was another foot race to the finish this week. There was a total look of surprise when the teams found out they were the last two teams to arrive. The short version … as much as I love Flight Time and Big Easy, they were saved this week. I’ve said before and I’ll say it again, each team should have to complete the challenges on their own. No help from other teams. No help from the locals. You should have to do the challenges on your own. I think John and Jessica would have been saved if this was the cause. You have to give to the girls for making up a lot of time and moving out of last place. Next week, point will be earned on our board for the first place finishing team.

  4. Week #5 & #6 – Alright, I have to admit that Margie and Luke’s elimination was much more mature than I thought it was going be. Let’s face, Luke has had his moments this season (and last). But they handled it with grace. A great foot race to the finish in week #6 between, as it was referenced, the cowboys and the indians. Those two teams look really strong. Jennifer and Caroline demonstrated once again that front of the pack and last is only a week away. Luckily for them, this was a non-elimination round. This twice this season they were saved from exiting the game. Third strike and you’re out ladies!

  5. Week #4 Summary – We filled a couple of categories on the board tonight. Cord & Jet finished first tonight, giving Gary a win on the board. On the other end of the spectrum, Brendon and Rachel were saved in the first non-elimination round, giving Theresa her first spot on the board. My bigger issue, once again, was Luke’s reaction. I’m not a fan of the childish actions and the crying … especially when it appears to be a weekly thing. I’m pretty sure most of us should expect more in all-star season. These teams have all competed before and know what they’re getting into. I just want to yell “grow up” to the television set!

  6. Week #3 Summary – I love Flight Time and Big Easy. They always make me laugh. Although I’m not sure they’ll make it to the final leg, I really enjoy watching them race. I was surprised at how well David and Connor did this week, especially since they missed the docking point on the raft. Kudos to them for the first place finish. Unfortunately, out YouTube hosts didn’t make the cut this week and were eliminated. Next week, watch for the first place finishers as they will place points on the board.

  7. Week #2 Summary – One of the things that I love about this show is the fact that just one mistake and you can go from first place to last place. The cowboys showed us that this week. Luckily, they’re a strong team and they worked their way out of the bottom before crossing the finish line. Initially, I thought they were making a huge mistake by giving up the second express pass to the only team behind them, but after they explained their strategy of having it used right away and their reluctance to use their own pass, well, it might prove to be a big advantage for them down the road. I also had mixed feelings about Bopper going back for his bag. I understand not wanting to do the rest of the race without clothes, a jacket or personal items, but would it have been there after they finished the final challenge? Even so, all they time wasted on the decision to either go back or go forward was time they needed during the final challenge. It was nice that the rest of the teams gave them a nice send off.

  8. Week #1 Summary – The big news this race was the exit of William, Mark’s partner for the race. However, Bopper did get a new partner and, although they weren’t entirely in sync, they survived the first round. Natalie and Nadiya were not as lucky. They simply couldn’t locate the dress shop in one challenge and then made the crucial mistake of passing up a ride on the tower cars. It put them in dead last and got them eliminated when they reached the finish line. At least Mary gets on the board as the first team to be eliminated. The cowboys finished in first place and received the express passes, which could be a big advantage in the game. Not a bad start to the season.


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