And So It Goes

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S29 – San Juan Del Sur


  1. Recap Finale – Well, it was Natalie’s game. Jaclyn won the final challenge and with it came the choice of loosing to Keith or Natalie. She chose Natalie. Had she chosen Keith, I think she would have lost to him. Missy … well, she was simply carried through the last set of challenges (that she did not compete in) for her votes. Other than her daughter, I didn’t expect any other votes cast for her.

    As for our board, again, no one chose Natalie as the winner so our u-pick category carries over once again. Bob and Marylee (Natalie) take first place. Nancy, Erin, Shannon and Mary take the runner up categories. Steve and Mary (Jon M.) was the last person voted off of team A and Mike and Theresa (Keith) voted off team B. Jaclyn was the last person to return from Exhile Island so the Nancy and Mary round out our board categories.

  2. Recap Week #9 – So, Jeremy is on the winning team for reward. He and Natalie give up their spots so John and Jacyln can go on reward together. They repay him by sending him to Exhile Island to search for an idol that he has already found. On return from Exhile Island, when confronted he lies to him but tells him they’re still a strong alliance and finally they vote him off at tribal council. Do they really think that Jeremy would turn around and vote for either of them if they make it to the final three? I can’t wait to see how Natalie responds next week!

  3. Recap Week #7 – My peeve once again arrives. At least have the honesty to tell yourself the truth, Julie is quitting because she got caught steeling food and was embarrassed that the rest of the tribe was upset because of it. I think there should a penalty of some sort for quitting, but I’m beating a dead horse here. The bigger story is the one-on-one strategy fest between Jeremy and Josh. Although Julie’s leaving put Jeremy’s group at the disadvantage in numbers, it may actually help him in the long run because I think he would have gone home tonight. It should be interesting to see how this plays out. Finally, kudos to Keith for winning the first immunity challenge. It’s too bad he won this week though, as he didn’t have a chance to really use it. He has the potential of going a long way this season. He’s not really viewed as a threat. He’s in a couple’s alliance and he has an individual idol. If he can stay under the radar for the next couple of weeks, he could find himself in the finals.

  4. Recap Week #6 – Not a lot of surprises this week when Dale was voted off. Still, if I was Keith, I think I would have used my immunity idol this week. True, he skated by, but he very easily could have been counted with the many that were sent packing with an idol in their pocket. What do you think about Natalie? I think she increased her stock in the game by going to Exhile Island. I think she has the potential to go a long ways in the game if some of the couples can be split up.

  5. Recap Week #5 – I found it very interesting that the mix of the teams ended up with all but one couple on one team and only one couple on the other. I thought for sure that one of those two would go home. Why wouldn’t all of the couples have voted together? Didn’t see that coming.

  6. Recap Week #4 – I hate it when someone “throws” a challenge. So, I believe justice was well served this week — even if it was one of my picks. Goodbye Drew!

  7. Recap Week #3 – Well, I failed to mention in the last recap the Johnny R. found the hidden immunity, so Shannon and Jimmy are on the board. Unfortunately, he didn’t use it at tribal and was sent packing. You’ve seen it time and again … leaving with an immunity idol. Especially when people are telling Phil that they’re gunning for you!

  8. Recap Week #2 – If I was Val and my group came up to me and said, we want you to stay and since you have two idols, we’re going to vote for you, I’d be like … no. We can use these to get us along further in the game .. and if they didn’t accept it, switch sides. Knowing you don’t have an idol and going into the tribal like that … bad risk. Regarding Exhile Island … I don’t get it. You don’t see what’s going on there, they don’t compete against each other and they’re back for the next challenge. I don’t see what the producers were trying to gain with this change.

  9. Week #1 Recap – Well, we got our first look at the new survivors last night. I guess the biggest thing I noticed was the change in the way they handled Exile Island. In the past, the two people at Exile competed against each other to see who was voted off. On this first episode, they just came back. We’ll have to see how all that plays out as the game goes on. Our first category winnings are Keith and Jim for first female out. Really, that’s not so bad. Yeah, you’ve lost a player, but at least you earned something and you still have another player in. Most of us will lose players without getting anything. In the end, the fact that Nadia was known from the Amazing Race was all that was needed to be voted off first.


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