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Season 25


  1. Recap Finale – Wow. I’m still amazed the Amy & Maya made it to the end. Yes, they were fortunate enough to finish last in a non-elimination round, but I have to give it to them because there is no way I would have picked them to make the final three, yet alone finish in first place. I was really pulling for the surfers because … besides overcoming the obvious physical limitations … they just seemed to get along great and treat everyone respectfully. I thought they were going to pull it off too. The dentists, well, I wasn’t really a fan, but they won a few legs and deserved to be in the final. Although, they too finished last and were saved with a non-elimination round. Overall, an entertaining season.

  2. Recap Week #8 – I think this week all came down to what challenge … sign or flag … was chosen. I don’t think anyone would have gotten that red flag. Had Tim and TeJay just left the challenge earlier, the wrestlers would have been going home. Did anyone else think that Brooke and Robbie were going to steal their taxi? On the other side, Adam and Bethany used their express pass and finished in first place … $10,000 each isn’t too shabby. Week after week that Bethany impresses me. She is amazing and I’m really pulling for them to win it all.

  3. Recap Week #7 – It’s all smiles as the dentists continue to roll on at the top of the pack. Kym & Ali continue to place in the top three placing on our board category for the third straight week. Meanwhile, Tim and TeJay fall to the back of the pack in the second non-elimination round of the season. For me, the big surprise was Kim and Maya moving up in the pack.

  4. Week #6 – My admiration for Adam & Bethany continues. Not only is Bethany amazing, these guys don’t whine and fight with each other. I keep pulling for them to get at least one first place finish. They’ve come in second multiple times, they just can’t seem to get into first place. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this week’s top three end up being the final three. Although I’m not a huge fan of the dentists, they were lucky enough to be last in a non-elimination round, plus they still have the save. I also like Kym & Ali, this week’s winner on our board. They seem like a really strong team. This week’s team to be eliminated, Shelley and Nici, they just fought too much and moved with no urgency. Plus, they brought with them a lot of drama. Maya and Amy really seem to struggle with directions … they’re my pick to finish last next week. My team, Brooke and Robbie … they do alright on physical challenges, but show them a puzzle and they might also find themselves in last place. Come on Adam & Bethany!!!

  5. I can’t believe that the guy with the bad ankle that finished his leg of the race was eliminated and the damn dentists with the free pass get a non-elimination…Does not seem like a fair move to me…Just Saying….

  6. Week #4/5 – Is it just me or has Adam & Bethany just won you over? Obviously, Bethany’s performance with one arm has been impressive … especially this week riding that bike through the streets with tanning skins on board. But I love the couple’s attitude. While we’re watching other teams whine about how tough the challenges are, these two just keep plugging along with smiles and support for each other. Plus, I loved the tea challenge where they actually “thought” about how to do the challenge instead of just trying to plow through it. At this point, I’m pulling for them to take it all. Kym & Alli, week four’s 1st place team, also gets kudos from me. However, on the other end of the spectrum … Shelley and Nici. I just find them disrespectful to each other, the other teams and people they encounter along the way. Misti & Jim, well, these two are just flat out lucky. The arrive in last place, try to use their save and they’re lucky enough to be in a non-elimination round.

    On our board, we’ve seen a lot of distribution across the teams so far. Through all of the categories award so far, we have no duplicate winners. This sort of surprises me, as in past season we’ve seen some teams dominate week after week.

  7. They should have made that one a non-elimination for all he went through to finish with that ankle…

  8. Recap Week #3 – I’ll call this one … Feet Don’t Fail Me Now. Shannon called out the firemen before the show and I thought it would be my team. I didn’t anticipate the injury. Goodbye Erin and Marylee. On the positive side, Dave and Anita had the third place team and are on the board.

  9. Recap Week #1/2 – We’re off and racing this year and the newest participants in our board have dominated the board. In week one, the first team eliminated, Lisa & Michelle, made Jim and Anthony’s entry onto the board a very short one. Fortunately, they place on the board for the first team eliminated. Heather and Christopher were not so fortunate as Dennis and Isabelle were eliminated. Meanwhile, Mike and Teresa both benefited by Adam & Bethany’s first place finish. Next week, we’ll be looking for the third place finisher.

    In week #1, I don’t understand the thinking behind taking a group penalty. If the girls wanted to take the penalty, just take it. Why make it a foot race between three teams. And, knowing that you missed the taxi and you were the last place team, why not turn around and return to the challenge?


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