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S30 – Blue White No Collar


  1. Recap Week #7 – Haley, tonight’s victim, didn’t really see it coming. The “all girl” alliance failed to come together for the second season in a row. A lot of strong personalities left, it should be a good sprint to the end. I’m still pretty happy with my u-pick, Tyler. Hoping he stays out of the cross-hairs by sticking with the blues ….

  2. Recap #5 & #6 – Alot of action on the boards over the last two episodes. Last week, Joaquin was voted out, breaking up the “bromance” developing with the blues. So, entering in a large group merge this week, who was being voted out was anyone’s guess. Joe (Steve & Anita) won the first individual immunity challenge … it surprised me that he out lasted all of the women on this one. But the surprise of the night was Kelly R. That takes out a strong player (Steven & Shannon) and eliminates four you-pick selections.

  3. Recap Week #4 – Thanks to March Madness, we had a double episode this week. When the smoke had cleared, it was Lidnsey and Max who were sent packing. After the merge, I’m not really sure why the new tribe chose Max over Shirin … being that the tribe seems like it could use a little more muscle and, really, Shirin appears to be more of the schemer, but I guess that’s what happens when you pretend you’re going to play an idol with Jeff … he was not impressed. What was impressive was Kelly playing through the bloody head wound. Now that she has chosen her new alliance and is no longer the “swing” vote, it should be interesting to see if she now becomes a target ….

  4. Recap Week #3 – This week we saw Nina voted out. Although it was a huge mistake to ask Nina to not participate in the challenge, when faced with the decision of voting someone out at tribal council, I think she was the correct choice. In my opinion, the mental part of the game is a huge factor as well. You can’t be complaining about not being included and blaming your injuries on every outcome during the game. I think it just wears on everyone and nobody wants to be around that 24/7. Will really needs to make sure the team doesn’t finish last again, as I’m sure the “young three” will be putting his name down next. Being that no collar has the least amount of players, everyone must participate in the next challenge, so it’s do or die for him.

  5. Recap Week #2 – Well, Nina put just enough doubt in Will’s mind to vote out Vince. Once again, I don’t really understand the choice of getting rid of team members that can contribute to the team’s success before the merge. Nina over Vince? What’s more, Keith and Mary took another hit on our boards. However, they did place for first man voted off. So what’s with all the nudity? I totally don’t get it …

  6. Recap Week #1 – First impressions, a lot of big personalities this season. I like the three team format without Redemption Island. But tonight, karma ruled. The individual that lied … and was caught … twice, heads home. So Keith and Theresa are the first voted out. Carolyn finds the hidden immunity idol …. I would have played it tonight … so Jimmy and Lori get on the board. I think she may need it before long. Why wasn’t there a bigger push to vote off Shirin? Honestly, the weakest in the first competition. And why not pick the puzzle with the least amount of pieces …


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