And So It Goes

My random online scrapbook

Season 26


  1. Recap #5 & #6 – Let’s start with our Hero to Zero racers, Kurt and Bergen. These guys dropped from the top spot on week #4 to being sent home on week #5. Let’s face it, if you’re going on the Race, you need to brush up on driving a stick. We see it every season. Matt and Ashley were our second place team week #5, putting Christopher and Heather on the board. Our third place team on week #6 is Mike and Rochelle. These guys, well they’ve won me over and I’m pulling for them. I was surprised to see Jeff and Jackie go home week #6. Although, they seem to be getting along really well so they may be the first Amazing Race blind date couple to make it outside the game. Two hour episode next week so I’m guessing we may see two more categories filled, the first place winner and the last non-elimination leg.

  2. Recap Week #4 – Another surprise this week. I really thought Tyler and Laura would cross the finish line first, being they had such a lead coming out of the last challenge. But it was the surprise team of Bergen & Kurt who finished first and put Erin & Teresa on the board. Who I feel bad for is Blair. Now, I know that what we see on the show is compiled the way that the show producers want us to see it, but I don’t think I could handle the constant complaining and finger pointing by Hayley. This guys deserves a medal!

  3. Recap Week #3 – A week of surprises. First, kudos to Rochelle & Mike. Of all the teams, I never would have figured them to finish in first place this week. Our third place winners – Jelani and Jenny – put Linda and Marylee on the board. Harley and John, who were out of it from the flight, where lucky enough to escape elimination and put Linda and Shannon on the board for the first time this season. Of course, we now know why the fanny pack was so important … in addition to his passport, it also held the engagement ring for Matt & Ashley. Finally, the award for most annoying must go to Hayley … from the zip line to the end of the race she was on her partner about listening to her … sometimes less is more and silence can be golden!

  4. Recap Week #2 – I wish I could say that C.J. and Lybia being eliminated was a surprise, but they just lacked any sense of urgency. Maybe Lybia will get that wedding ring she’s been looking for. So fat, I’d have to give the nod to the new couples … I was sure it would be just the opposite, but several of the new couples seem to be rising to the top of the pack. Tyler and Laura crossed the finish line second, putting Judy and I on the board. Next Friday we’ll be looking for the 3rd place team.

  5. Recap Week #1 – The lottery draw this year has more couples paired this year than any other … so it could be a big pay day or, in this case, a bummer for Keith and Mary. Why stay for 4 hours on the dance challenge? Big mistake. Ironically, the New Kids team went for the wine! I was a pleasantly surprised that the first episode wasn’t more like an episode of the Bachelor, but it’s early yet. It’s hard for me to imagine a newly placed “blind date” couple can win out over an established couple, so it should be interesting to see how that plays out. C.J. and Lybia … you guys need to step up your game. Lucky to move on after the first round.


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