And So It Goes

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S31 – Cambodia


  1. Recap Week #8 – The big question here, why wouldn’t the group split up their votes instead of everyone voting for Wigglesworth? They should have stuck with Ciera. Those three girls are running out of “surprises” now, especially with Joe and Spencer still in the game and fighting for these immunity challenges. Both are really dangerous.

  2. Recap Week #7 – Chaos Kass … not really fan and was not disappointed this week when she was sent packing. The early merge had Joe winning the first immunity challenge and puts Jimmy and Erin on the board for the first time this season. Joe and Spencer should now be big threats at all of the challenges.

  3. Recap Week #5 – Back from Scotland and finally caught up on this season of Survivor! Just a quick recap … Jeremey Collins finds the second immunity idol, putting Shannon and Gary on the board. It’s an interesting twist on the immunity idol. However, I wonder how well this will work once a few people know how it’s being done. We’ve lost Pieh-gee, Jeff Varner and finally Monica this week. Pretty interesting tribal councils. Saving Woo over Jeff was a good move, as he proved in the next two challenges. Monica, who was truly surprised, can rest assured that the three people who voted her off will not be sitting in the final tribal council. But, the first rule of Survivor, when you really think you’re safe, you go home.

  4. Recap Week #2 – One constant from season to season … when you think you’re untouchable, you go home. Thus the case with Shirin this week. I have to give it up for Woo though. While Spencer and Shirin were scrambling to try to get some support, Woo laid it out on the line … you haven’t talked to me yet and no I’m not going to vote with you. Shirin was all upset because she didn’t come to Abi’s defense, but what about the fact that she was trashing her to begin with. Yes, Abi is a project, but why would you even say anything to Shirin regarding the vote in advance. I wouldn’t align myself with Abi. She’s just too much of a wild card. She may feel safe this week, but according to the previews, we’re moving to three tribes next week. This means she’ll have to start over … not good for her but it might save Spencer. Besides, had they still had Vytas, they would have had a lot more strength in the challenge and may not have lost. Again, everyone there should know by now, you need strength until the merge! Mike and Nancy get on the board for being the first woman voted off.

  5. Recap Week #1 – Usually, being the first person on our Survivor board is not a good thing. But in this case, it was Kelley finding the first hidden immunity clue and idol. I liked the added twist of having the idol present at the challenge, but wonder how unique this strategy would be after a few players discover one. I also liked that the group was sent immediately to tribal council, although Vytas being the first voted off was a little surprising. Once again, I question eliminating strength players during the group challenges.

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