And So It Goes

My random online scrapbook

Season 27


  1. Recap Week #8 – Justin & Diana continue to dominate. We had our first non-elimination round, which goes to Tanner & Josh (Dave & Judy). These two guys are just lucky, as they’re not playing a great game. They messed up the express pass. They go sight-seeing. They move at a really slow pace … I have a feeling they’re not long for the game. Next week’s u-turn should be interesting.

  2. Recap Week #6/7 – We’ve had our second extended leg of the race. This finishes the weekly rewards. We have the two non-elimination rounds and our top places left on the board.

  3. Recap Week #4/5 – Finally back from Scotland and caught up on the Race! A couple of notes on the last two weeks. Last week was a continuation round. That being said, there was a mat and so Justin and Diana were our first place team. As the race was a continuation, it was not a non-elimination leg. Therefore the two non-elimination categories are still in place. I must mention the play of Tanner and Josh. Last week jumping the gun on using their pass, this week, giving the other pass to the team directly behind them. How stupid! This episode, walking with lions, how cool is that! Steven and I need to apply for the race.

  4. Recap Week #1 – Well, they’re off. It was hard to imagine that Justin & Diana, after failing to get the Fast Forward, didn’t come in last place. In the end, it was the TMZ girls who struggled with the puzzle that led Phil to eliminating them from the race. Marylee and Teresa were the first team eliminated on our board.

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